Wondering How To Pick Up A Girl At A Bar Or Club?

Wondering How To Pick Up A Girl At A Bar Or Club?

Most guys think they are pretty debonair, but the truth is that not many are half as suave as they think they are. To most girls, like me, guys who think they have it all have the least. Girls are looking for a guy who isn’t always trying to score, isn’t working it, and isn’t working overtime to get a girl into bed. We are smart and intuitive creatures and if we are being worked over, guess what, we know. Guys that come on too strong, too empathetic or just plain too in our face are the biggest turn off of them all. If you ever wondered how to pick up a girl at a bar or club, the best advice you are going to get is from someone who knows…a girl like me.

The thing about a club versus a bar is that they have two different types of people who are looking for very different things. A bar atmosphere is way too relaxed and laid back. A club is more upscale and exotic. If you are looking to pick up a girl in a bar here are the five biggest things to remember:

1. You are not in a club

If you want to pick up a girl in a bar, leave the jewelry at home. The type of girls who hang out in bars are looking for a real guy’s, guy. They want a rugged man who just threw on an old pair of jeans, very lived in, and very fitted. Trying to be trendy is not going to get you very far with girls at the bar.

2. Lay off the cologne

When you are in a bar, you should smell like it. What is acceptable bar smell? It is okay to have an old spice smell, or something that is close to aftershave. The key is to have just a hint. If you are so overpowering that it is burning up the nose of the guy sitting cock eyed, no one is going to think that is cool. Less is more in a bar area.

3. Don’t hit on someone else’s girl

In a bar, the biggest no-no is to hit on a girl that is with another guy. It makes no difference if she is just a friend, or not. If there is a guy and girl sitting together, the girl is off limits. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

4. If you are too dressy, you are a tool

If you are too dressed up and flashing money around, that is not a good way to pick up girls in a bar. People in bars are not there to impress, they are there to have fun, maybe hang out and maybe score, maybe not. A more chill atmosphere, a bar is not for someone who thinks that they are on a job interview.

5. Watching television is not only welcomed, it is encouraged

Most guys who are at bars are there for the entertainment. Many bars were designed specifically for sporting events, that means the televisions are situated perfectly to watch whatever is on. Girls who are at bars are there to pick the guys who are into sports. If you are into something else, it may not be the place for you to meet girls.

The best way to pick up girls in the clubs

Clubs are completely different and operate under different rules. The way to pick up a girl in a club is supremely different from when you are picking one up in a bar. The five biggest rules to picking a girl up in a club are:

1. Dress up

Girls who are at clubs know what designer you are wearing. They know if you are trendy, or not trendy at all and prefer the first not the later. Girls who are in clubs are looking for guys who know how to accessorize, an upscale watch, a nice piece of jewelry or anything else that shows you have money, or class are always welcomed things that turn girls on.

2. Smell trendy

Girls in clubs are looking for guys who leave their scent behind after they are no longer in the premises. When you are in a club it is dark and sometimes it is more important what you smell like than what you look like. When sight is no longer decipherable then scent is going to be extremely important.

3. You are there to impress

Girls in clubs are looking for guys who have a lot of power, a lot of money or a combination of them both. If you are going to pick up girls in the club then you want to make sure to flash the platinum card, make the next two rounds are on you, and wear something that looks impressive and expensive. It is a way more superficial venue.

4. She is the most important thing

If you look distracted, or are even thinking about watching the television instead of getting out on the dance floor, you are probably going to go home alone. Clubs are all about being social and putting out your best moves.

5. If she doesn’t have a ring she is up for grabs, even if she does have a ring she is

There are no unwritten rules in a club. If a girl has a ring, she is still fair game. If someone is hitting on her and goes to the bathroom, you snooze you lose. Much different from a bar there is no loyalty, there is no etiquette, it is every man and woman for themselves.

If you want to pick up a girl in a bar, you have to know that there is a difference in the girls you are choosing from. Club girls want it all, bar girls want some fun. Keep those things in mind and you will have a better likelihood of scoring.

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