What are the best date places to bring a girl to seal the deal?

If you are someone who is less concerned about spending time getting to know what she is thinking, and more concerned about getting her into bed, then you may want to plan ahead. Instead of worrying about what the next move will be when you go out on your date, set up the evening so that you have an exit plan. Having a plan that points in the right direction, straight to sex, will make it more likely to happen. By choosing the most convenient venue for your first date, you can sure up the chances that you are going to score, without having to worry about all the post date logistics. Choose these date environments to take the guesswork out of “your place or mine”.


Hotel Bars


There is a reason there are bars in hotels. They are there to allow people to loosen up and enjoy the hotel establishment. What can make you enjoy it more than a sexual encounter? If you want not to have to worry about where to end up, a hotel bar has a built-in out. After sharing time getting to know each other a little, sex is just a few short steps and an elevator away. Having an option so close by will make it more likely that she will say yes to moving onto the next and final part of the date. Belly up to the classy, upscale hotel in your area, and impress her by being ready and organized to show her a good night, and a good morning too.


A lousy local event


If you want to make the girl think that you planned ahead and that you have a finger on the pulse of the city, take her to a local concert or event. It doesn’t take much to find something going on around town, and it will take away from the “what do you want to do” conversation. A girl likes a guy who can take control and has a plan for them. Try to choose a show that will be popular, but irritating. That way when you are ready to hit the road, she will be more likely to be ready to go too. If you pick a place that is loud and obnoxious, she will be ready to move onto the next part of the date early on, instead of waiting for the “last call”.


Laser Tag, Paint Ball, or An Arcade


If you are someone who has a season’s pass to one of these places, then this suggestion is not for you. If, however, you are the suit and tie type, older and more mature, taking a girl to a place that shows your spontaneity and your ability to behave like a child, is perfect. An excellent place to be playful and show your adventurous side, venues like laser tag will also get her heart racing and give her the feeling of a thrill. An amusement establishment is also something that you won’t want to stay at very long. Unlike taking her to the movies, there is nothing “holding” there if you are ready to go to the next part of the date.


Try any of these places to impress her and to get her ready for more fun after the fun!

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