Types of Sex you should try at least once

sex types

The way we choose to have sex is more personal than almost any other life decision. Our fantasies and our tastes can be incredibly specific, ranging from BDSM to cam shows, from role playing to voyeurism.

However, I’ve compiled a list of types of sex that I think everyone (ABSOLUTELY everyone) should try at least once in their lives. If you’ve done them all already, then it’s good for you. But if not, then what are you waiting for?
1. ‘Every corner of the house’ sex

Kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, stairs, hallway. If you haven’t done most of these already, then why not? It is your house after all.

If you find you’re mainly just having sex in the bedroom the whole time, then maybe you should try being a bit more spontaneous, and just try something new.


2. Outdoor sex

Of course, once you’ve finished your sexual exploration of every corner in the house, the only thing to do next is to move outdoors.

This could be closer to home – in your garden, for example – or you can take things to a park or even a forest out in the country. Why not?

Being at one with nature whilst you’re at one with your partner is an amazing feeling.


3. Quickie

Just because it’s shorter sex doesn’t make it not as great! The quickie is a great way to release your and your partner’s stress when you don’t have the time for a marathon sex session.

It’s all about your mutual passion and giving in to your desires. And what that means is all the gratification of your usual sex, but condensed down into a five-minute explosion of raw sexual energy.


4. Risky sex

What exactly is it about risky sex which turns people on so much? That someone could walk in at any time? Probably yes. The feeling of doing something you shouldn’t is a great turn on for many, so give it a try with your partner!

Risky sex is often spontaneous and often in an unusual location. But it’s the element of danger which makes it so intoxicating and addictive. Trust me–once you’ve done it once you’ll want to try it again and again.


5. Make-up sex

The best sex is passionate and spontaneous. That’s why make up sex–where you take all the passion and anger of an argument, and turn it into passion and desire–is such an amazing experience.

No, you might not find a solution to your argument (if you can even remember what it was about), but you can convert all the negative energy into something much more positive and fulfilling.
6. Role-play/ Fancy Dress

I’ve placed these two together because they’re similar, but they can also be very different. Whilst fancy dress means wearing costumes, role play means pretending to be characters.

The former could mean classics like a nurse’s uniform or a secretary, whilst the latter could be going out to a bar and pretending that you don’t know your partner so you can chat them up and take them home for a ‘one night stand’.

These can be used to fulfil such a wide range of fantasies that you need to try them. Start with something simple, and build up to more elaborate characters and costumes.
Did you try all types? Have something else to add to this list? Let us know in the comments.

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