Top10 Sexting Ideas That Will Get Her Wet

Sexting is a great way to warm up a new partner before hooking up. Great sexting skills are a necessity for chatting adult dating sites, where most girls want to get a taste of your sexual prowess before meeting up with you.

And it’s not as hard as you think. (Pun intended.)

If you’re feeling stuck in a “what r u wearing” rut, use these great sexting ideas to spice up your texts and make her wet for you long before your date.

  1. Get creative with smilies and emoji.

    Go ahead, use playful imagery in your sexts. Using smilies seems a little silly, but it shows you don’t take yourself too seriously, and can be surprisingly sexy. If you’re on an iOS device like an iPhone, scroll to the Objects tab on your emoji keyboard. The vegetable section is where the action’s at: the eggplant is the universal sign for penis, and any combination of peaches or plums can denote a butt or a pair of tits. On any phone or computer, try: (.)(.) for titties, 8==D~~ for a cumming dick, ({}) for a spread pussy – combine any of them for a good time.

    1. Use sexy names for your genitals.

      There are so many words you can use to talk about dick, pussy and tits. She’ll appreciate your anatomical know-how when you use specific words like “clitoral hood” and “inner labia” – they show you know your way around a vagina – use them sparingly, because they’re not especially sexy. Never, EVER reference meat, a la “meat curtains,” “sausage,” “kielbasa” … just don’t. The sexiest words: for vagina: slit, lower lips, inner lips, sex. For penis: shaft, member, hard-on, erection, rod, and mushroom head.

    2. Describe what you’re doing.

      The easiest way to start a sexting conversation is to describe your current situation. It’s all in how you describe it. Maybe you’re just in bed, in your boxers. Instead of saying, “I’m getting hard looking at your pictures,” try, “That last pic made the blood rush to my dick – can’t keep it in my boxers any longer ;)”

    3. Compliment her.

      You can’t go wrong by complimenting your favorite features of hers. Talk about what you want to do to them. Go beyond, “I like your tits.” Try, “I’m dying to lick those perky pink nipples. You have perfectly round breasts, yum!”

    4. Collect a few catchphrases.

      You don’t have to come up with new material every time. If you’re ever feeling stuck, make a mental note of some lines that keep the conversation moving. Try, “That’s turning me on so much,” or “Where are your hands right now?”

    5. Ask the right questions.

      To keep the sexting going strong, you may have to prompt her with a question. Ask her “Where do you want my cum?” or “How do you love to be licked?” Her answers will blow your mind.

    6. Add more detail with adjectives.

      An adjective is a word that describes something. Imaginative descriptors really set the mood. Instead of “Your boobs,” say, “Your big, soft, succulent breasts.” Some more sexy adjectives: silky, slick, smooth, throbbing, soaked, addictive, irresistible, juicy, tasty, suckable, lickable, and supple.

    7. Start short, go long.

      At first, you’ll probably begin with short texts. But as the conversation goes on, it’ll get more and more difficult to type with one hand. Try making your messages longer as you progress so she’ll have lots of juicy material to enjoy without having to constantly go back and forth. Aim for your last message to be the one that makes her cum.

    8. Inappropriate sexting is seriously sexy.

      While risky, there’s nothing sexier than the idea that you’re getting turned on at work or in another public place. You can save the sexting marathon for later, but a quick text during the day and keep her mind in the gutter all day, anticipating your next night together.

    9. Keep in sync with her rhythm.

      Every girl has her own sexting style. Be sure to mention how her words are affecting you, and what you’re enjoying the most. Try mirroring her style while adding your own personal spin.

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