Top Rules of Adult Friends


Adult Friends and Sex

When it comes to a friendship, everybody understands how cool is to have a real friend. It’s even a better experience when you have a close adult friend that you can have sex with. An adult friend you can share life’s moments, including talks, glasses of wine, and even better, sex. An adult friend is someone you have with the benefits of a relationship, without the relationship and commitment. That means everybody has their own life, habits, and personal things to do. No jealousy, no instant calls, no arguing and no dirty work at the crossroads. The main point of an adult friend is sex without drama.

Look around you. Do you have an adult friend you wouldn’t mind having casual sex with? I’m sure, you have. You play a game named “friends only” for a couple of months or even years already. Sometimes you meet and both are horny, but nobody dares taking the first step and initiating sex. You both may in fact have the adult friend mentality and have similar sexual needs on your mind.

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Here I want to talk to those, who want to go out from the friend zone and try some new experience with your friend. Once you feel yourself ready to have your close friend become your adult friend, I recommend to look through some important points you should be aware of. These points are important in order to make your adult relationship involving sex hassle-free and really profitable for both of you.

Adult Friends: Rules to Follow for Sex

The first adult friends rule reads as follows: Don’t let your female friend or yourself be emotionally engaged to your “sex only” relationship. This is a “must not do” thing. Adult friends with benefits realize that being horny and fall in love are two absolutely different conditions.

The second adult friends rule: Be cautious if you find another fuckbuddy. That’s absolutely fine to get laid with other women. But it doesn’t mean you have to tell your first sex buddy about it, nor that means you need to choose the only one to fuck with. It’s your life and this is you who decides how much pleasure to have tonight. At the same time, you should respect your FWB, when she has sex with somebody else. She is free to date whomever she’d like.

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The third adult friends rule: You don’t need to be nice and cuddle and have a guilt free morning after. It’s absolutely normal to say goodnight, take a shower and go to sleep totally satisfied and relaxed. Adult friends can sleep in different beds. Don’t be afraid to offend or be offended. If you both were sincere with each other, there shouldn’t be any misunderstanding in this case.

The fourth adult friends rule: Be wise and protect yourself even if you trust your friend. As this is sex fling without obligations, you both can have as many partners as you like. Never exclude the possibility of getting STD. we are not kids anymore, so practice safe sex. Become adult friends who enjoy each other without any risks when it comes to sex.

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