This one common drink can help you have better sex

better sex

Men in particular get bombarded with performance enhancing pills and other ‘miracle remedies’ that claim to improve your performance in bed, make you last longer, or make you get harder. But more often than not, these claims have little to no science backing them up. On top of that, there are plenty of great everyday foods and drinks which we eat that can seriously improve your sex life – and one in particular stands out.

Coffee might well be one of the most studied substances we put into our bodies. It’s a stimulant, it can be addictive, and as it’s become more and more popular in the 21st century, it’s attracted serious curiosity from scientists all over the world.

If you spend some time researching coffee, for example, you can find studies which have proven that too much caffeine can seriously reduce your lifespan, or that it can help you live longer or that it can do everything from make you happier, to improve your sporting performance, and even reduce the effects of Parkinson’s disease.

But its effects on the body – which are extremely well documented – make it a great choice for men (and women) who simply want better sex without taking supplements or other drugs.

1. Increased physical endurance

This is a pretty simple one, but it can make a big difference – especially to those of us who aren’t as fit as we’d like. Coffee is well know to considerably improve physical performance when taken before exercise.

This is because it encourages your body to use fat stores to produce energy, saving the sugar glycogen, which is usually used to create energy first, to be used later on in the exercise. This will improve your endurance, and mean that you’ll be able to quite literally last longer in bed. The first ingredient to all good sex is, after all, physical stamina.

2. Increased sex drive

A study in the early 2010s showed that female rats who were given a shot of caffeine were much more motivated to try and find sexual partners than those who hadn’t been given the shot.

If you’re not already motivated to find a sexual partner, then maybe a few cups of coffee can help you out?

3. Helps stop erectile dysfunction/ improve blood flow to penis.

Another recent study using men from the US found that those who drank between 85 and 170 milligrams of coffee per day were 42% less likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction. That’s a pretty big deal.

It’s because caffeine helps to relax blood vessels all over the body – making them wider and meaning, quite simply, better blood flow when you need it.

In the study, this even held up for overweight and obese men, who are often most at risk from erectile dysfunction.

Bottom line

So there we go – three reasons why you should be drinking between 2-4 shots of espresso (though you can have them in drinks like lattes etc.) every day.

A good, moderate amount of coffee every day really can help you have better sex, increase your sex drive, and generally do your body quite a lot of good. There’s a load of research to back this up. But whatever you do – don’t drink too much. The key to using coffee for better sex is to have it in moderation, particularly near to times when you might be having sex!

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