The reason that you should let your fling sex stay your fling sex

There are so many great things about having fling sex. Built into the entire concept of noncommittal sex, is a host of reasons it is so exciting. Not like the every day, it is important to keep it that way. If you are considering going one step further or making a bigger connection to your fling sex, hold off. Think about it this way; if you had wanted a serious relationship, you would have found one. Don’t get confused into thinking that it is so great that you want to have something permanent. It is in the permanence where you lose the fun.


Sex isn’t fun with baggage


We all know that guy who is in a relationship and doesn’t ever get laid. Why doesn’t he get laid? Most likely because there is some power play going on in the relationship. When you become emotionally involved with a woman, she wants more from you. It is no longer about just pure fun and sexual gratification. It becomes about meeting her needs emotionally. Once you hit that point, if you don’t meet her expectations for emotional comfort, you aren’t going to be getting the fun sex you want anymore. Emotional baggage can tank even the hottest sexual relationship out there.


It will only end bad


Another great built-in feature of casual sex is that there aren’t any expectations about what you want from one another, or where the relationship is headed. In casual sex, it is always headed one place, to bed. If you move your casual relationship into the realm of serious, it will eventually end the way that all relationships do, badly. Don’t mistake loving to have sex with loving the sex partner.


You will get to know the real her


Every girl has a hidden “crazy”. When you are first dating, girls hide the “crazy”, only letting it out when things get serious. The same holds true for casual sex. That fun girl who just wants to please you isn’t who she really is. She has an entire personality that you don’t know about. She also has a life, a family, friends, and an entire world that you aren’t privy to. That is a good thing. Not having to know the crazy about her is one of the biggest positive to casual sex.


Bye bye, freedom


What does she want you for now? Sex. What will she want you for if you make it something more? Support, love, empathy, and companionship. What does that spell? No time with your friends. If you want to move it from just sex to a full-time endeavor, consider the fact that it will be a full-time endeavor. If you like your freedom, and time out with the guys, why would you want to kiss that goodbye? If you take it from casual to serious, you aren’t going to be gaining much, but you are going to be losing a whole lot of freedom.

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