The More the Merrier with Brisbane Personals: Swinging Time Part 3.

Amanda Gets More Than She Bargained For with A Brisbane Personals Hookup!

The Brisbane Personal ads were there calling out to me since I had the weekend alone while the others  were out sampling culture and art museums that make me want to have a drink.  In fact, that is what I did while reading those horny casual encounter pieces in the local Brisbane personal pages.  I needed a hook up with someone right then and there since they were gone to some town fifty kilometers away and I’m not used to not fucking daily.  With a wink, my husband had told me to have fun.  I knew he’d do the same anyway and I was just following orders.

My husband and I came to Brisbane with a couple of friends for an fun month long vacation and what an adventure it has been indeed!  We are tasting all that it has to offer and tasting other things too that we are savoring in the spice of life.  Namely, our friends, who are now our lovers due to swinging.  Read part of our first time together and enjoy our delight.

So there I was looking at those Brisbane personals and in hindsight I guess I did not know too much about the culture here (maybe I should have gone to the museums.. nah, I had fun) but casual encounters here are a serious thing and when I responded to an ad promising me an afternoon and evening of pure fun and total control of sexual pleasure I got more than I bargained for.  I placed my response to one and a guy responded almost immediately and after sharing a few pleasantries I gave out my hotel info.

I sipped my drink and sat back on the balcony lazily enjoying my naked body with my favorite vibrator while I waited for action to knock on my door.   I was plowing my pussy deep with the rabbit headed vibrator when it came time.

It was go time, the bell sounded and I threw on my sexy negligee and opened the door to one of the most handsome black guys I had ever seen.  I admit my thought was that only blacks in austrailia were aborginees so forgive my ignorance.  My Brisbane personals ad guy was very sexy indeed and I admit I was limited in my experiences with the black cock prejudice of the world .. I licked my lips in anticipation.

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Brief introductions made, brisbane personasl guy was name Donovan and I told him mine.  He said “okay so what are you into?” I said anything.  He said “Good, coz my buddies will be here soon and we can get nice and warmed up for them. ” UH WHAT??

Yeah, apparently the ad was in a section on brisbane personals entitled group encounter and there was a group that I responded to that were all coming to give me some fun. Okay, well I have had threesome and foursomes why not a group encounter, a gangbang situation?  I’m down to fuck and I don’t care, I am an equal opportunist.

Donovan said there was no time like the present and the next thing I know there is a cock in my face just begging to be sucked.    I jumped on it like a pre-schooler to a lollipop and took that shit deep in my throat.   Yes, if you are curious, that shit was BIG.  He was 10 inches if I’m lying I’m dyin’.


So, in anticipation of what was to come (cum) I sucked that cock as a hungry person.  Don ( he told me to call him that) leaned back against the kitchenette counter and let me go to town.  Sucking cock is my favorite.  I went and took that shaft deep and then came up and licked the head and circled it.  My hand was pumping away furiously too in time to my mouth strokes.  He then began to come to and grabbed my head and furiously began his own pilgrimage in fucking my face.   Just as he began to cum in my mouth, the doorbell sounded out.

We both went to the door and suddenly there was four more people that wanted entrance to me and my hotel room.  They were all from the brisbane personal ad I answered.   I was suddenly overwhelmed by what I had got myself into.   Yet my body keened to the idea that I was about to get more holes filled and fucked in ways I might have never yet dreamed.   I almost creamed right there and then.

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I learned but didn’t really grasp that David, Paul, Craig and Victor were the ones coming to join the party.  They stepped into my room that seemed rather small at that point but was spacious normally.  Don was unfazed, he just turned to me and grabbed my face again and said “Honey, you weren’t done.”  I agreed by wrapping my mouth back around his cock and knew the others were slowly starting their own shedding of clothes.

I closed my eyes and took Don’s cock back into my mouth.  I sucked again like I was starving and closed my eyes to savor the feeling.  At some point I was lifted from my position and placed on one of the beds, I did not know which and I continued my assault on Don’s dick.  I was prone and he was over me fucking my face and then I felt something below.  A finger crept up my thigh and a gentle finger was beginning to edge up to my warm hole of love.  I didn’t care anymore.  I resigned myself to feel no emotion and as the hand found my love mound I geared my energy into meeting it.  I lifted myself to that hand and gave over fully with a groan as it connected perfectly.  Suddenly there were more hands on me than ever before.  My clit was caressed, both tits were tantalized by two different sets of hands and when I opened my eyes there was a cock being rubbed right next to me.  I gave Don a deep suck and released his dick to turn and take the other one into my mouth.  I reached up and stroked Don.   I paused long enough to say to the prick owner I was sucking now “who are you?”  He breathed “vic” and I nodded and sucked more.   A mouth was on my clit suddenly and I stopped caring who what package belong to.

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The doorbell sounded off again and even then I thought it was ridiculous but then a woman was let in by someone and she was looking a little perturbed. Keep reading coz it just gets better I promise……Brisbane personals, I have to say I love you!!!!

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