The Five Most Important Rules To Picking Up Girls

The Five Most Important Rules To Picking Up Girls

It should be simple enough, you see a girl you like, you ask her out. Picking up girls, however, is anything but simple. Girls are complex creatures, just when you think you have them all figured out, they totally throw you for a loop. Picking up girls requires that you know what they are looking for and how you can supply them with it. No two girls are alike, we all know that, but they have common goals, likes and dislikes. That is why some guys score often and some don’t. The difference between the two is that one has mapped out the right mark and another one has not. If you want to have success picking up girls, you have to know what your limitations are, and who is and who is not out of your league.

When someone says that a girl is out of your league, what they really mean is that you don’t have the charisma to convince her that she should be with you. It isn’t always the hottest guys who get the girls, or the smartest, or even the richest. The thing that guys who score all the time possess is the ability to convince the girl that they are a hot commodity. How do you do that as a guy? You do it by following the rules below. If you want to know the secret for picking up girls, it really is nothing more difficult than making yourself appear desirable.

Rule number one: Never hit on a girl who has more confidence than you

We all have a certain amount of confidence that we carry around. If you are a highly confident person, then you are going to be able to convince any girl that you are worthy of them. If you find a girl who is more confident than you, then the game is off. The key to a guy picking up a girl is that he find someone who is lacking more in confidence than he is. How do you do that? Any girl that you look at you have to ask yourself who is dating down. If you think you are, then go for it. If you think they are, then you aren’t going to have more confidence than her to score with her. If you have to try too hard, try somewhere else. There is always a pretty girl who you feel would be lucky to be with a guy like you. If you don’t, then dude you have some issues to work out before you even worry about picking up a girl.

Rule number two: Never hit on a girl who is smarter than you

So how can you tell if a girl is smarter than you? You can tell by the way that she answers your initial questions. Before you try picking up the pretty one, ask her a few questions. If she comes across as extremely worldly or thoughtful, you may want to take a pass on her. Being girlfriend material is different from picking her up for the night. If a girl is smarter than you, you may want to take that one home to mom. In any event, it is probably going to take more effort to get her into bed, or to your place for the evening.

Rule number three: Never hit on a girl who has a ring on her ring finger

Even if it doesn’t look like a wedding ring, it may be a promise ring. If you see that a girl has a very expensive ring on her wedding finger, it is best not to touch that one. If it isn’t a wedding ring, it could be an engagement ring and that is not something that you want to mess with either. Having that to come back and haunt you could be a real mess in the end.

Rule number four: Never hit on a girl who is too drunk

Sure, if she has had a few too many then she is most likely going to be an easy mark, but the last thing you want is a girl who is confused about her consent. When you wake up in the morning, do you really want a girl asking you “what happened last night”, or “did we?” That is not only going to make her resentful, it may turn into a situation that is much more ominous like a revenge situation, stalker, or legal. If a girl is too drunk to make a decision, don’t make one for her.

Rule number five: No thanks really does mean no thanks

If she isn’t interested in you and says “no thanks”, she means no thanks. We have all heard about that guy who kept being persistent and it paid off right? That is not going to happen in a bar. If you follow her around, keep giving her another chance to say yes, or just keep bugging her, she is going to get the creeps and probably notify someone or at a minimum label you as a creeper. You can say goodbye to meeting anyone that night if you have been labeled in that manner.

Following these five rules to picking up a girl will ensure that you are able to score and that you don’t get yourself into deep trouble.

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