The Complete Guide To Getting Laid With Hookup Sites

The internet isn’t just for porn. It’s also for using hookup sites to quickly make dates so you never spend another Saturday night alone watching porn. You can create a profile and start chatting with girls in minutes. You can even get laid tonight.

Before you do, be sure to skim through this quick guide. You’ll find a hot date in record time, and avoid looking like a rookie on your first online date.

Where To Create Your Profile

With such a wide range of social networks to choose from, you can waste a lot of time looking for sex in all the wrong places. You should never use your personal social media accounts to find a one-night-stand. Regular dating sites may occasionally have “easy” girls, but they’re hard to find in a sea of chicks who just want free dinner.

As a guy who knows what he wants (a no-strings-attached, truly sexy encounter), you’ll need to make a profile on a site full of like-minded users. Focus on adult dating sites with plenty of chicks who live nearby. You might have to try a few sites to find one that’s the most popular with the girls around you.

What To Include In Your Profile Bio

Depending on the platform you use, you may be asked to fill out a short bio section on your profile. This is a quick introduction to yourself that should entice users to get to know you better. There’s a few things that you should always mention in your bio:

What you’re looking for. Describe the type of encounter you want to have, and who you want to have it with.

What you’re like. You can be specific when describing your body type and appearance, down to your exact height, weight and size. Or, you can be vague, describing yourself as “athletic” or “stocky.” Just don’t lie – you can find someone who really digs your type when you’re honest.

What you like to do. Talking points help break the ice. Mention a few movies you like, and some of your hobbies. More importantly, hint at your favorite sexual activities and fetishes.

Your special skills. Are you a cunnilingus connoisseur? Can you make a girl orgasm three times in a row? Do you shoot jizz up to 10 feet away? Go ahead, brag about what makes you a great lay.

Here’s what you should not mention in your profile:

Your kids. On an hookup sites, nobody really cares how many kids you have, and it’s best to protect your family’s privacy. Never mention them, and make sure they’re at grandma’s when you have a date over. You can, however, say you’re a DILF.

Your work life. Don’t say what you do for a living. Don’t say anything about your position, your company or what you do at work. This information could jeopardize your career, and, additionally, it won’t be important to your dates.

Any negativity. Every date is a fresh start. Keep your profile positive and completely non-threatening.

The Types Of Profile Photos Girls Want To See

What most men on these sites don’t realize is, female users want to be enticed by hot profile photos just as much as the guys do. Having a few photos prove that you’re a real person, and will make girls feel better about meeting up with you. If your photos are truly sexy, don’t be surprised if girls ask you out.

Know what to show and what to hide. Completely nude, full-body shots are too forward for your profile; save those for private messages. The photos on your profile should only show a hint of your best features. Lift your shirt to show a peek of your toned stomach, or pull your pants down just enough to show your hipbones.

Show off the right body parts. Other than the obvious one, these are some manly body parts women love to see in your photos: shoulders, lips, tongue, hands, forearms and butt.

The Smooth Way To Chat With Girls

Now that you have your photos uploaded and your profile bio written, you’re ready to talk to some of the horniest girls you’ll ever meet.

Adult dating can be a numbers game. At first, you’ll need to send messages to a lot of girls before you start getting responses and starting conversations. You can use the same basic message with a few tweaks to send more messages, faster.

Here’s a good basic message to work off of:

“Hey Amanda! Your eyes are crazy-amazing. What are you doing right now?”

Most of the time, when you ask a girl what she’s doing, or “what’s up?” she’s going to say something like, “Nothing much.”

Many guys find it hard to keep the conversation going when this happens. The trick is to follow up by asking what she wishes she were doing. Very few guys ask this, but it’s a great way to see if she’s interested in having some fun.

Within your first few back-and-forth messages, ask her out. If she’s using her favorite dating site, she’s probably already in the mood, so you might as well ask if she can meet up on the same night.

Your Place or Hers?

It’s the age-old question, and there’s no perfect answer. Many girls prefer to go back to their own places, because they feel safer and more in control of the evening. Others prefer to go to your place, especially if they have roommates or a messy home.

Drinks and dinner are optional. You might decide to meet up at a park or a café before heading to your place. When it comes down to it, it doesn’t matter where you meet and where you go afterwards, as long as you both feel safe and comfortable.

When The Night Is Over

It’s polite to allow a girl to spend the night after they sleep with you, but they should leave early in the morning. If you let her stay until the afternoon, it will seem as though you are dating. Always have early plans the next morning so you have an excuse to leave or kick her out.

Most one-night-stands are just that; one-time deals that never happen again. Most girls wouldn’t be surprised if you never contacted them again, but it’s not out of the question. If you had fun, let her know. Ask her out again, but wait a few weeks, or you’ll give the impression that you’re looking for a relationship.

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