The 5 Types Of Girls Who Use Casual Sex Sites

You can spend hours looking at every profile, and thinking of the perfect message to write to every girl who lives within your 100-mile radius, but that won’t get you laid fast. To get the best results for your time, you should be familiar with the different types of girls on these sites, and have a solid idea of who you’re after.

If you don’t have much experience with casual sex sites, you might not know what to look for when you’re scrolling through your nearest results. After a while, you’ll start to notice a few types of girls that use these sites the most. I’ve noticed there are five, each with their own hookup style.

The 5 Girls You Meet On Every Casual Sex Network

  1. The Fuckbuddy
    Some girls use casual sex sites to find someone who can be both a sex partner and a friend. She’ll just as likely text you in the middle of the night to go over and fuck, as she is to text you about a TV show you both watch. She’s casual, and just wants to have fun with someone familiar to her. She doesn’t want a commitment, but she does want to have a fun, easygoing regular to meet her needs.

    A fuckbuddy is like a friend with benefits. Your relationship won’t be exclusive. You can have more than one fuckbuddy, and she probably will, too.

  2. The Rebound
    After a breakup or divorce, many chicks go through a rebound phase. She’ll hook up as a fun way to rediscover the dating world, though she may not be ready for the pressure of a relationship. Being her
    rebound is awesome – you can show her just what she’s been missing out on, and show her a great time.

    Having great sex is her favorite way to get over a tough breakup. She doesn’t need a shoulder to cry on, nor does she need a guy to stay over for the night. So, just deliver on some great sex, make her feel ridiculously hot, then give her space. She’ll sleep with you once, but she’s not likely to keep your number for very long.

  3. The Other Guy’s Girl
    You might run into a woman who’s cheating on her boyfriend or husband with you. She might disclose her relationship on her profile, in her messages, or she might not tell you at all. Whether or not you
    decide to take this path is up to you. If you decide to go for it, remember one thing: don’t get caught!

    You always have sex with a married woman at your place, not hers.Banging a guy’s wife in his own house, on his own furniture – that’s never a good idea. You could get caught or leave evidence behind.

  4. The Socially Awkward Penguin
    Many women use hookup sites because they feel weird at clubs,parties and bars. The noise and pressure of a crowded nightlife scene just doesn’t turn her on. She might be shy, introverted, or some kind
    of Zooey Deschanel incarnate. What these girls lack in social skills, they usually make up for in kinkiness. The weirder, the better!

    This girl sometimes prefer one-night-stands, but occasionally, she’ll be open to having sex with you more than once – especially if she feels comfortable around you. She responds to a guy who initiates contact with her, and makes all of the first moves.

  5. The Sex Kitten
  6. You’re going to encounter the type of woman who truly enjoys hordes of guys worshipping her, both in person and online. She loves sex, and logins in every night. She’ll usually have tons of stickers and
    gifts on her profile, and plenty of photo albums.

    While she’s very popular, and gets plenty of attention, she’ll respond to you if you catch her eye. This means crafting a message that helps you stand out. Read her profile, and write her the bold, erotic message she’s been waiting for. Be forward – she doesn’t waste time getting to the good stuff.

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