The 5 Biggest Myths About Adult Dating Networks

Adult dating networks are still a mystery to most people. Everyone has an opinion on hooking up with websites and apps. However, they’re quickly becoming more popular. People are beginning to realize that it makes sense to chat online before going on a date. If you want to know if someone might be compatible, it’s as easy as checking out their profile.

There’s a few persisting myths about adult dating networks. Here’s the biggest ones that simply aren’t true:

  1. Only ugly people use adult dating sites. Not true! In fact, most of the popular male and female users on adult dating sites are smokin’ hot. When surveyed, many responded that they go online to find particular fetishes, or just to avoid the crowds at clubs. Some of the hottest girls actually claimed that they are rarely hit on in public – most guys are too intimated to talk to them offline, so they get more action when they log in to their favorite site, where guys feel braver behind the screen.
  2. Online dating is dangerous. You should be careful when meeting new people, regardless of whether you’re a man or a woman. It doesn’t matter so much where you meet someone – it’s possible to become a victim of assault or a scam whether you meet someone online or off. But talking to someone online creates a trail of information that makes it easier to track them down. Whenever you’re dating, make sure someone you trust knows your location, get your partner’s full name, and always use protection.
  3. It’s weird to meet people online. While some people still think it’s weird to meet dates you connect with online, it’s quickly becoming the norm. Up to 25% of people now use online dating sites and apps to hook up and find relationships. In the near future, studies project that most married couples will have met online. So, don’t feel self-conscious about going online to find dates – it’s efficient, and helps you find people who have the same interests as you.
  4. You can only find matches from far away. With location searches available on most adult dating networks, you can find dozens, even hundreds of people within 25 miles, especially if you live in a city. You don’t have to chat with people who live in other countries. However, if you would rather just have sex over webcam, you can try using sex chat sites instead. Search for local people only if you’re serious about meeting up. Most people on adult sites are looking to hook up the same night you start chatting, or within a few days.
  5. Adult dating sites make crazy credit card charges. Only use reputable sites, especially the top networks that make our Top10 list on our homepage. Be sure to read the fine print and opt out of any monthly subscriptions that do not interest you. Most dating sites have plenty of free features that you can try out. You can upgrade if you’ll need to send more than a few messages. It’s often easier to get a date on paid sites because the users there are more serious about hooking up.

If you’re not sure where to start, check out any of the sites on our top 10 list. All of these have been extensively tested and approved by our team. They’re our best recommendations for features and user experience.

Remember, use the appropriate site to find what you’re looking for. Big sites like Facebook and OKCupid help you find local people, but they’re totally wrong for hooking up. Using an adult dating site connects you with girls and guys who are looking for casual flings and friends with benefits.

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