Solutions to Oral Discomfort

Transcript From Dr. Limor Blockman on Solutions to Oral Discomfort

So as I started and said, the number one thing is neck pain. Many men complain about the difficulty in giving oral sex to a woman – having their neck pain. As I mentioned in previous videos, I suggest placing a pillow under her buttocks or just simply having her on top of your face. That should make it much more comfortable. Either way, if you are putting the pillow under her buttocks, then it will lift it and your neck will not be sore.

Of course, if she’s mounting your face, you’re just laying there. There’s no problem with that. In regards to taste, I want to say that different foods make a difference in bodily fluid. So if she consumes anything that has to do with tropical fruits – pineapples, apples. Things like that can sweeten any bodily fluid, and that includes vaginal secretions.

So that’s a suggestion that you may try, or eat with her. That should be a fun thing. Maybe even in bed, maybe before the actual act. Of course, there are flavored lubrication that you may use during oral sex even though I suggest to go with the natural foods and other substances that can be consumed. Of course, the odor – there are many questions that I receive regarding vaginal odor.

So if there’s healthy vaginal pH balance, no odor should really be there. It should smell like something natural and fresh. If there is something, you should suggest very kindly and calmly that she should visit her Ob-Gyn. If not, there’s really not anything that should interfere with this. I suggest that if she is using anything that is in the form of intimate washes or anything of that sort that may disturb pH balance and create this discomfort in terms of odor.

So I suggest that this should not be used, and a vagina should just be washed with water and some very delicate soap if at all. It’s like a self-cleaning oven. I hope these tips can help you. When you love somebody, you should just dedicate yourself to pleasuring him or her. That’s the number one thing.

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