Should You Use Pick Up Lines For Girls? If So…Which Kind?

Should You Use Pick Up Lines For Girls? If So…Which Kind?

We have all heard that pick up line that makes you smile and you think to yourself, “that was clever”. If you are a guy wondering if you should use pick up lines for girls, the answer is both yes and no. If you use the right pick up lines for the right type of girl it can be your opening, if you choose the wrong one, it can be your closing line.  The key to pick up lines for girls is that they have to be specific to the type of girl that you are picking up. What do I mean? If you want to pick up a girl that is into fun and a good time, you are going to be more successful with a type of pick up lines for girls that are different from ones that you use on a serious type of girl.

Match your type of girl pickup lines with your type of girl

The mysterious type

For the girl who is acting like a wallflower, sitting back and taking it all in, you need a special type of pick up line. It can’t be the silly or stupid kind. For these types of serious girls it not only has to be original, it has to be something that she has to think about. Double entendres, quizzical questions, or downright smart lines are going to attract this one. If you give her something that she has heard before, or that is simple and stupid, she isn’t going to think you are in her “league”. Playing to her serious and smart side, she is looking for you to give it your best shot and to come up with something that no one has tried on her before.

The bubbly kind

This is the type of girl that doesn’t have all that much thought going on upstairs. She is fun loving, super comfortable to be around, smiling all the time, and goes for puppies and babies. If you want to use a pick up line for this type of girl, it doesn’t really matter how smart, original or creative it is. The most simplistic line with a smile and charm are going to win her over. She isn’t going to compare you to the last guy who tried it with you most likely because she has already forgotten that she heard it before. Give her the type of line that will make her go awwww. Not too hard to impress this is kind of a freebie.

The high and mighty

If you want to score with the high and mighty, you are going to have to come up with something special. It isn’t so much that she is going to be impressed by what you have to say, but she is going to be comparing you to the other guys who are in line to get into her pants. She is going to be impressed by those lines that make her feel the most special. This is the type of girl who can have anyone she wants, but is going to make them all work for it even if she has no intentions of picking them. Needing to feel like the most beautiful girl in the room because she likely is, you are going to have to work overtime and come up with some really unique line that shows her all your adoration for her.

The fat girl

We all like a fatty sometimes. If you want to pick up a fatty, you have to use a line that talks about how beautiful she is. Fatties are probably going to sleep with you anyway, but you can sure up the chances if you use something that makes you look more sincere and for real. In most cases, this girl is not used to guys even using pick up lines. They are used to going home with any guy who looks their way. Don’t stress too much, they are going to be pretty easy. You don’t have to use the best of the best, just try not to choke when you tell her that she is the most beautiful girl in the room.

The girl next door

Of all the girls that you can use pick up lines with, this is the one that is going to require the most thought. This girl is looking for something that is sincere. She isn’t going to score you according to what you are saying as much as how much she believes that you really do like her. If she senses in the slightest bit that you do this often, you aren’t going to have a snow ball’s chance in hell. When approaching this type of girl you want to use simplistic pick up lines, maybe even mess them up on purpose to show your nervousness and to make sure that she doesn’t think that your lines are well rehearsed or used often.
The key to using any pick up line is a combination of knowing what type of girl you are approaching and what type of delivery is going to work best on her.

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