She likes it in the pm, I like it in the am.

Transcript From Dr. Limor Blockman on She likes it in the pm, I like it in the am.

I formed it into a question because you had plenty of the same topics. The question goes, “I like sex in the morning. She likes it in the night. What to do?” So as I mentioned it in the previous video, testosterone in the morning is higher.

So the potential interest in males, specifically, is higher in the morning. First of all, it’s common. Don’t stress over it. What you should do is try to accommodate each other. Meaning that if for instance, if her work – she wants to rush to work in the morning.

She doesn’t feel like having sex. She prefers it at night before she goes to bed because it helps her fall asleep. Do it for her. Then on the weekend, when she doesn’t have to rush over to work, maybe she’ll indulge you in the morning. That should be a discussion.

A good relationship and sexuality is give and take. So that should be something to take into account. Indulge and accommodate each other. It doesn’t have to be a full encounter. That’s something to always take into account.

Because the fact that we start something sexual, doesn’t mean that we have to go all the way for it to take an hour or 20 minutes or whatever it takes. Sometimes just a quickie or something that doesn’t involve an ejaculation on both ends, or just something that indulges each other – maybe oral sex or something of that form can really benefit one another whether it is in the AM or PM. So just go the extra mile towards one another, and everything will be much more pleasurable in your love life.

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