Sex Sites Popularity in 2017

Sex Sites

It’s probably no surprise to hear that the sex industry is a popular form of entertainment on the internet. Pornography has gone from a secret activity to an inescapable aspect of pop culture. Even mainstream sites like Buzzfeed and Vice frequently feature sex related content and the porn industry.

But what might be a bit more surprising is exactly how popular sex sites have grown over the past 20 years since the internet became a major part of our lives. For example, 35% of all internet downloads are porn, along with 30% of all data transferred over the internet, with 34% of internet users having some exposure to porn in their lives. Each month, porn sites receive more traffic than Netflix, Amazon, and Twitter all combined!

How did sex become such a gigantic industry, which takes in about 97 BILLION dollars each year? How did a form of entertainment that used to only exist in darkened, midnight movie theaters become a regular part of our lives? Much of this has to do with advances in technology.

Not long ago, people had to wear disguises in order to see a porn movie in a theater without being recognized, since this was the only way to see porn. Home video changed the game, as people were now able to watch all the porn they wanted in the comfort of their own homes. However, you still had to go out in public in order to buy porn, which could lead to embarrassing moments, like running into an old teacher at the sex shop.

Then the internet arrived and changed everything. With internet porn, you never had to leave the house in order to watch high quality sex. Better yet, most of it was offered free with no strings attached. Over time, porn became less of a shameful exercise, and more as a way to enjoy yourself in private with yourself or a partner (or two!).

Sites like Xvideos, Pornhub, and Xhamster came on the scene and provided a database of all the best free porn from around the internet. In an average month, these sites get up to 60 million visitors, proving that the world loves porn.

The sex industry has always been driven by technological innovation. Many of the latest internet technologies owe thanks to porn, such as HD streaming and 3D technology. If it weren’t for sex, the internet would be a much more primitive place.

These innovations spread to porn videos themselves. Over the past few years, we’ve seen the development of high-quality, HD porn sites like Brazzers and Videobox, who charge a monthly fee in order to appreciate the absolute best porn you can find. But a monthly fee is nothing compared to the 20 bucks we used to shell out for a single video that we’d get bored with after a few weeks. These sites entitle you to all the porn you can handle!

3D technology was also spearheaded by the porn industry, as 3D sex sites were rolled out in the early 2000s. Today, you can experience the all-encompassing world of 3D porn through sites like 3DSexclubs and 3DKink. With the help of 3D technologies like Google Cardboard, you can not only watch hot girls get dirty, but actually be part of the action. And all of that was even before Virtual Reality Porn, which is still very new but is already getting more and more attention.

In recent years, we’ve seen the tremendous popularity of webcams, where girls play out your fantasies live, right in front of your eyes. This has made porn into something more; not a passive activity, but something you can interact with. The most popular webcam site by far is, which gets over 300 million visits per month, for good reason!

It’s this idea of interaction that introduced the idea of adult dating, which allows users to find other horny adults who simply want to have sex with no strings attached. With adult dating sites like and, you can use messaging features to vet your potential mate before you meet. And you can be sure that there will be no emotional attachment, just two adults wanting to get laid.

It’s clear that we’re now living in the golden age of sex sites. With easy access to tons of high quality, free or low-cost porn, you’ll always find what you’re looking for. From the comfort of watching sex videos, to the interactive experience of webcams, to the simplicity of getting laid with adult dating sites, internet porn provides endless possibilities to satisfy every fantasy.

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