Sex in Leeds: Cara Takes One For The Team.


When Sex in Leeds Dries Up; Journalist Make A Personal Mission to Fuck.

Cara was ready to take on the journalism world by storm but was afraid that she would be stuck in this college town forever and a day.  She took on a job in the school newspaper office but found that she was not thrilled, nor fulfilled by the articles she took on.  They were ho-hum and dull pieces on stupid assemblies and college events and did nothing to liven her life up when she wrote.  She just knew that she was building a portfolio for later.  She wrote in her diary about the sex in Leeds and journalled because her secret articles in there were more interesting by far.  She loved writing about the dates she had found through the Leeds Casual Encounters pages with a tantalizing leeds personal ad and would know that her Mum would shit if she knew how much Leeds sex life had been booming with her daughter after hours for a few years.  She was regularly online looking at the best fuck sites for no strings attached.

She resigned herself to her boring school job and was not particularly excited one day when the regular sports writer fell ill and was out therefore unable to cover the school’s annual rugby tournament with the rival school.  The school paper editor told her that she would have to watch the entire game, make notes on the key players and points, with statistics and then go down and interview some of the winning team star rugby players.

The game went off and she sat in the bleachers trying hard to not fall asleep as she made notes and did research on rugby stats in general.  Her mind wandered a few times in slow parts of the game to mentally tell herself that she needed to update her sex in leeds page online and Leeds personals ad when she got home as she was in desperate need of finding some action to thrill up her life a bit.  She was getting no hits lately even in Leeds Casual encounters.   Sex in Leeds was getting harder to get.  The game ended in favor of her home school.  Yippee with sarcasm. Now she would give them a few minutes to get showered and then go do three interviews with Mike, Walter and Billy, three of the players that had done so excellent today.  YAWN.

She entered the nearly empty locker room after securing her intent to the coach who said the three knew she was coming and were ready for her.  She walked in to the boy’s locker room, sweaty and steamy after a shower and saw no one.

“Hello?  Anyone here? ”  The place seemed abandoned.

“Back here.” came a voice.  She walked forward and slipped around a locker to find three very naked college rugby players with nothing on but towels.  Her heat level rose a bit being so near hot men in disrobed status when she’d been thinking horny thoughts a little while ago.  Could this be a sex in Leeds entry later?

“I was under the impression that this would be a clothed interview. ”

“Well, we thought you’d be here a little later but you caught us so we will entertain your interview in the raw, so to speak.  Are you embarrassed?  We’re not. ”   Besides the heat in the room, Cara was certainly not embarrassed as the temperature was rising to her collar and she knew she was turned on.  The job just got more interested.  Maybe this wasn’t her regular gig with the paper but now she was willing to take one for the team and sex in Leeds was just about to be upped by three encounters if she had her way.

“Not one bit embarrassed, Mike, is it? ”  She turned on her flirtatious silky voice.  “Perhaps I should join you in being the naked interviewer?”

Mike exchanged a surprised glance at his teammates and mouthed “woah!”.  Then he laughed and said  “I think that’s a good idea, Cara, is it? ”

Quietly, the one named Billy walked around the corner and the locker room door locked with a click and he was back in a flash with a big grin next to her.  His fingers reached out and stroked her collarbone and she melted back against him.  Walter came over and lifted her tank top and peeled the sweaty garment up and over her head and she felt his mouth descend onto her tits as she heard her top hit the floor.   She pushed him back and moved away from Billy carefully stepping out her skirt in the process.  She sank down to sit naked astride the bench up the middle of the locker room.  She gestured the three to come around her and pulled each towel down to the floor in turn as their cocks bobbed up to her.  With two hands only she knew what to do.  Billy’s cock on her right and Mike’s cock on her left, she began to slowly pump up the purple headed shafts and looked Walter in the eye, bit her lip and opened her mouth. What a scene! Experience some hot stuff too. Hookup Cloud

He stood before her and she took that cock deep into her mouth as he began to stroke her mouth with his velvet tool.  Sex in Leeds was on fire tonight.  Heat was filling her pussy as her mouth was filled and fucked and her hands were busy massaging balls and shafts.  Leeds sex is amazing!

Soon, she was laid back after the team players each had a go at her sexy mouth and she even took turns sucking two at once which caused Billy and Mike’s eyes to bulge in near orgasmic bliss.  She didn’t know anymore whose dick was whose as she was gagged by a big one in her mouth, another filled her pussy and her nipples were sucked on.  She rocked hard against each movement, every push as she was taking it all in.  She came in a violent spasm.  Up again in doggy style, she suddenly had one player, (Mike she thought) climb under her and lower her onto his bulging manhood and then her mouth was filled again by Walter in front of her.  She wanted to scream in pleasure as the sex in Leeds was intense that moment but couldn’t politely do so with a cock brushing her tonsils.  Then in a sudden surprise move Billy came behind her shaking ass and she heard a spit and her ass was soaked in wetness.  A finger pierced her glory hole and moved around gently as he probed and opened her ass wide.  A moment later she was filled with semi-pain and more pleasure as she realized that she was getting a cock in her ass for the first time.  One under her filled her pussy deep and each other possible hole was filled.  She couldn’t stop it then, she moaned loud and came so hard and so wet she soaked Mike under her and nearly pushed Walter out.

She was pumped again and again and in turn each man filled her up so the cream dripped from her lips, pussy and ass and she licked it up and cleaned them all in turn smiling.  What was the greatest was all the smell of their sex intermingled with the freedom of no strings sex.

“Now, um, about that interview, please?”

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