Older Women Dating Younger Men…Is It For You?

Older Women Dating Younger Men…Is It For You?

The notion of a May-December romance is nothing new. What is new is the makeup of these types of relationships. It used to be that they signified a man who was up in age with a younger woman, but things have definitely changed. The new makeup of age gapped relationships has definitely changed. Many guys are finding that having an older woman has many advantages to someone their own age. Our society values youth more than age and experience, but that may be a thing of the past. With changing minds come changing mores and the more that men see the benefits of older women dating younger men, it is not only acceptable, it is becoming highly desirable.

The reason that you would want to date an older woman

When you think about an older woman, you may have a vision of your mom, or your best friend’s mom. The old notion of women giving up after a certain age and letting their bodies go is a thing of the past. Women are staying fit and attractive well into their old age. That is changing the dynamics of relationships in all respects. If you are considering the prospects of an older women dating younger men relationship for yourself, here are just some of the advantages:

She has her own income

If you are tired of a girl expecting you to pay for her, buy her drinks all night and give nothing in return, you won’t get that with an older woman. Older women are already established in their careers. Having to make their way through the professional world, they don’t expect someone to take care of them or to pay for them. Considering themselves as an equal, they don’t feel comfortable sitting back and letting you pay for them all the time. Having the disposable income, not only are they able to take care of themselves, often times they are able to take care of you too. Women dating younger men do so for other reasons than money.

You can do things that you may not be able to alone

Along with the disposable income comes the ability to do things that you can’t with someone who is just starting out in life. Many older women enjoy adventure and have the means to pay for vacations or special experiences. Having done all the things that younger women have done, they are looking for things out of the ordinary and experiences that are more extraordinary and cultured. You don’t have to worry about asking them a hundred times “so what do you want to do”. They already have something in mind.

They are more sexual experienced

Men reach their sexual peak at the age of 18. Women don’t peak until they are in their thirties. Younger women are insecure about their bodies and don’t feel very comfortable with experimentation. Older women are more willing to communicate their needs, and know how to please you. Having had more sexual experience, they know what to do and how to ask for what they want. Being more comfortable in their own skin, they aren’t afraid to try new things or to go outside of the normal things that you get with younger women.

They aren’t so high strung

Older women are more level headed. They are more mature and less likely to fly off the handle, or to play games. They don’t count how many times you call them, or pretend that they aren’t interested. They are past the point of playing hard to get. There isn’t as much nonsense with an older woman because she just doesn’t have time for it. Most likely less needy and selfish, they won’t get upset when you want to go out with the guys.

They are more confident

Older women don’t care what you think of them. They know who they are and have the confidence not to be guided by what others think or say. That makes it much more enjoyable to be around them. They most likely aren’t going to be blowing up their phone on your date, or attached to Facebook. They are more interested in the person that they have chosen to spend their time with. More focused, they are able to give you the undivided attention that you won’t get from younger girls who are more into themselves and their friends. They aren’t always going to be asking you what you think, or looking to you to make decisions for them. Concerned with your opinion only because they value it, they aren’t going to put all the responsibility for everything on your shoulders.

They aren’t looking for marriage material

Older women datingyounger men aren’t looking to settle down and get married. Most likely that ship has sailed and their biological clock isn’t ticking as hard. They aren’t going to be pressuring you the way that younger women can to move onto the next step, to meet your family, or to make a commitment. Not as into “labels”, they don’t care if you call them your girlfriend, or what you do with your Facebook status. They enjoy hanging out with you and that is why they stay with you. They also aren’t prone to have any hidden agendas about what they want. More honest about the relationship that they need and want, they won’t say one thing but mean another. They have had enough time to think about what they will and won’t put up with, and what they do and do not want. Unwilling to compromise, there isn’t much “gray” area. If they like you they like you, not what you can give to them.

If you aren’t having much success with women your own age then you may want to consider dating someone who is older than you. Many women are willing to date younger men not for what you have to offer them materialistically, but for what you have inside. A whole different type of agenda, May-December romances can be a very welcomed change.

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