Is Smoking Drinking and Erections Related?

Transcript From Dr. Limor Blockman on Is Smoking Drinking and Erections Related?

So is smoking and drinking hurting my erections? Absolutely. I want to explain very simply in addition to damaging blood vessels, smoking may cause damage to the penile tissue itself. It’s making it less elastic, and not able to stretch. So that’s something that’ll definitely put your ability at risk, and should definitely be avoided.

I’m not even mentioning oxygen, and the whole idea that smoking prevents to blood vessels all over your body, in that regard to your penis as well. That applies to drinking. Even if one or two glasses of wine release inhibitions and put you in comfort, it’s kind of a depressant. That applies to the entire body, let alone anything sexual. If drinking is excessive, it may absolutely damage your erection and your ability to perform even though it seems like you’re in the mood.

You’re not going to be able to perform well. So I suggest avoiding these two. At least in terms of alcohol, keep it in moderation. Hopefully, that answers your many questions in that regard.

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