If You Are Asking, “Does She Like Me?” The Answer Is In Front Of You

If You Are Asking, “Does She Like Me?” The Answer Is In Front Of You

Girls are an enigma to men, there is no doubt about that! Girls and guys have such a different way to communicate with each other sometimes you would think we are all speaking a different language. The one thing that we have in common is if we like someone, we send out signals. Although different not only for the individual, but so too for the sexes, there are some common things that we all do to say “I like you”. So, if you are wondering “does she like me?” the answer is probably easier to figure out than you know.

There are some things that women do to let a guy know that she is interested. Some are subtle and then others are downright forthcoming. The type of girl that she is, is going to determine the way that she communicates her liking of you. If you can figure out what type of girl she is, then the signs are more simplistic. Match the girl with the one you like and then look for these cues that she will give you.

The shy girl next door

If you are infatuated with the girl next door, you are not alone. These sweet, kind, vixens steal just about everyone’s heart that they run across. The characteristic of the girl next door is that she is soft spoken, never brash, or harsh and seems to truly just be a happy innocent girl. If you have found this type, there are some does she like me signs. Does she…

  1. Smile at you all the time?
  2. Laugh at all of your jokes?
  3. Make excuses just to be near you?
  4. Talk about the future with you in it?
  5. Seem to be shy and blush when you are alone?
  6. Compliment you a lot?

The guys girl

This is the type of girl who would rather hang out watching sports with you than ever put on a pair of high heels. She isn’t impressed by the car you drive, or the things that you own, she would rather know how fast you run a four-forty. She isn’t going to get her nails done because she doesn’t have any. The sexy, hot, sporty one, if you are wondering about her take this does she like me quiz…

  1. Does she find ways to touch you?
  2. Does she ask you over to watch the game even if it isn’t “her” team?
  3. Does she call you late night?
  4. Does she call you to ask you stupid questions?
  5. Does she talk to you about other guys that are seemingly not even on her mind?
  6. Does she ask you about the type of girls that you like?
  7. Does she ask you to go to work and family functions to keep her company?

If the answer to these questions are mainly “yes” then dude you are in.

The high maintenance

This is the number 10 who is going to cost you hundreds. This type of girl is sweet, but only if she gets what she wants. She is the best looking thing that you are wearing on a Friday night and when you walk into a room every guy wishes that he was you. This is the girl who stops your heart, and breaks it all in the same second. She seems out of your league, but take this does she like me test to see what she is thinking…

  1. Does she ever buy you anything just because she was thinking of you?
  2. Does she ever say that she was thinking about you (that would indicate she wasn’t thinking about herself at the moment)?
  3. Does she stress out about how she looks with you?
  4. Does she get mad when you are talking to other girls?
  5. Does she stay close by your side when you are out together?
  6. Does she ever check your phone?
  7. Does she suggest that you two should hang out?
  8. Does she care about your feelings and ask about what you like or want to do?

This is the self-absorbed bitch. If she is even looking past herself or her own wants for a minute, then there is no doubt that she likes you!

The Frigidaire

If you are with this type, she is about as cuddly as a grizzly bear. This girl is someone who is like a prickly pear. She doesn’t want to get close, is sarcastic and difficult to get to know, and has an opinion about everything (which is normally not so nice). If you are interested in the Frigidaire and wondering if she feels the same way, then ask yourself about her “does she like me body language”. Since this is the girl who has a hands off approach, if she is doing any of the following, she is into you.
1. Does she touch you without any reason?
2. Does she stand close to you?

3. Does she reach out to you when she laughs?

4. Does she flip her hair when you are around?

5. Does she touch her face, lips and neck when you are talking?

6. Does she hold onto herself when you are talking, like giving herself a big hug?

When it comes to girls in general, just a touchy-feely, can do all these things and you wouldn’t know if she likes you or not. If a Frigidaire is doing them…she definitely does!

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