I Want To Fuck: How I Met The Woman That Changed My Life

I want To Fuck: Wishes To Real Sex

When Shaggy sang about the strength of a woman, I was kind of sceptic about it. See, in the world today, women have been viewed as the weaker sex. A lot of care and financial resources have been channeled towards supporting women’s causes. So, for a large part of my life, I used to think that women were being overrated. I even decided to live a single life, without having a girlfriend, wife or fiance. I thought that a single life culture was better off than spending my entire life with a partner. I used to feel awkward when my friends were spending many hours per day searching for women who want to fuck on the internet. I viewed that finding women on the internet to fuck was a mere waste of time.  My friends back then were very much into sex and they really liked to flirt especially with hot girls from the estate. A close friend was always being invited for casual sex experiences by close friends.


Then, one day, I can’t remember what happened to me. I woke up and all of a sudden I was horny. Though it was not the first day to be in that situation, I wondered what was happening with me. I wanted sex and had not clue where to go or who I could have it with. Before that moment I thought that sex was overrated. I also thought about what is was like to get naked and fuck a woman and have a really rough encounter.

All of a sudden, something came to my mind, why don’t I try a website to get laid? Maybe, my urge of fucking some girl will be solves. So, I wrote a friend of mine a short text message which read this, ‘ I want to fuck, let me know what the best hookup site’ is.


All of a sudden, my friend sent me a list of the fucking sites he uses. It wasn’t hard, I created a profile, uploaded my picture at  Hookup Cloud and started to find woman to fuck that day.

My “I want to fuck tonight” wish comes true

Apparently, before one hour was over, I had received more than 10 messages from women that want fuck. The response from real chicks was simply amazing. They all wanted to meet me.

I looked at their profiles and apparently, many of them were really cute. There were a few that I would never message, but most of the women were hot. I decided to select Jennifer, for my first date adult encounter. From, the onset, I told her that I wanted to fuck her and didn’t want a relationship. I did this to prevent her from falling in love with me as I was not interested in relationships, only sex.

That evening, what unfolded was just amazing sex and meeting the perfect woman I wanted to fuck. I met with Jennifer in a hotel in town and I had the best time with her. From the way she was dressed, to how good she was in bed, I will never forget that night.

She is still my fuck buddy who whenever I want to make out, all I have to do is send her a short message saying, I want to fuck and she will be there within less than an hour.

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