How To Use Online Dating To Sleep With A New Girl Every Week

Have you ever wondered how some guys sleep with a new girl every week?
Or thought they were total bullshitters?

It really is possible to score chicks again and again – without spending all of your spare time in flashy nightclubs or trolling Craigslist listings. And without being the sexiest man alive.

Adult online dating sites are where good girls get freaky. They’re often used by chicks who are just as tired of the bar scene as you are – but still want to get laid.

Best of all, these girls are hot. You’re not always going to score Victoria’s Secret Angel lookalikes, but girls who use these sites, especially the ones that pimp out their profiles with photo galleries full of sexy pictures – those are the kinky girls you’re missing out on.

These chicks love to hook up, but you’d never know it from standing behind her at the post office or passing her on the street. These chicks prefer the anonymity of online dating, so the only way to catch their attention is to join them on popular adult social networks.

Here’s how you can start getting weekly hookups from online dating sites:

Before you can start hooking up, you’ll need to sign up for your area’s most popular sites. Forget about mainstream dating like PlentyOfFish or OKCupid – that’s where you’ll only find baby-crazies and women who have bought their own wedding dresses before even meeting a fiancé. Use our list of Top 10 Adult Dating Sites to find the best of the best.

Creating A Profile That Gets Chicks To Message YOU

You might think that you’ll always have to message girls to get their attention. While you do have to reach out to get some, your profile absolutely needs to show that you’re a stud. Even if you’re not what most girls would consider a 10, you can attract them like moths to a flame. In fact, being a more average guy makes you more approachable, while a profile showing off your sexual prowess will make you a 10 in her eyes.

She’s looking for a great lay. Plain and simple. Write a profile bio that focuses on the benefits of sleeping with you while standing out in a sea of guys who, let’s face it, make terrible competition by not taking the time to do this.

Instead of just listing your dick size in inches, go above and beyond. Girls also care about girth, and the shape of your dick. Hint that your downward pointing erection hits the G-spot during doggy style. Mention that you’re a long-distance cummer who can jizz up to 6 feet. Casually include the fact that you have the stamina of a steroid-laden champion greyhound.

Your photos should be beyond sexy. Get a sexy selfie session in before breakfast so you’re as lean as possible. Suck in your gut – everyone does it. You don’t have to strip down to some kinky male g-string, but if you’re into that, show it off!

Getting Laid All The Time: Make Your Dick Famous

As you probably realize, landing weekly hookups means talking to more than one girl at once. Way more than one girl at once. However, it’s manageable when you stick to a simple routine.

First, figure out your online dating messaging strategy. Message plenty of girls, anyone who looks slightly interesting to you. Some chicks will be online looking for a hookup within the next few hours. Others will want to message or text you for a few days to figure you out before meeting up in person. Sending out lots of messages helps you get a steady stream of “right now” chicks and “later” chicks.

Some sites have message boards or chat groups – only participate in these if you live in a big city or if they’re localized to your area. Otherwise, you’ll only get noticed by girls who live too far away to hook up with in person. If you’re interested in long-distance fun, try sex cam chat.

From there, it just takes a little time. Once you get your first great lay, you’ll find that they come rolling in, depending on how often you log in and how many messages you send out. Most sites allow you to sort your search results by “New” so you can find the newest members, so you’ll never run out of
chicks to bang.

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