How To Seduce A Married Woman…She May Be Your Best Mark

How To Seduce A Married Woman…She May Be Your Best Mark

Most guys assume that if a woman is married she is off limits. The truth is that as many as 30% of all married women stray outside of their relationship for sex. If the statistics are that high, it is likely that the number is much higher than reported. How many women do you know that are in happy relationships? Many women feel very neglected, stressed and under appreciated. Looking for a little attention and for someone to recognize that she is still a human being, just a little bit of kindness from a stranger can have her considering things she may not have ever thought she would. If you want to know how to seduce a married woman, it may not be as difficult as you think.

Think about a girl standing at a dance and never gets asked to hit the dance floor…that is the way that a lot of married women feel. They are in a relationship where they don’t feel alive, or loved. That creates a situation for guys who are looking for a relationship that may not be committal but is definitely fun. If you are dating a married woman, you get all the fun without all the baggage that her husband is getting.

If you want to know what the best way how to seduce a married woman, try these simple moves:

Compliment her

You have no idea how long a married woman will go without anyone complimenting her or making her feel like she is a real person. Most often all she is doing is laundry, cooking, or running kids around. The very last thing she is thinking is that someone finds her beautiful or désirable. By showing any interest at all, you will be giving her something that she doesn’t normally get. Feeing so good about finally being recognized, she may be willing to at least give the thought of having an affair with you a chance.

Do things for her

A married woman’s life is all about pleasing someone else. Whether it is about pleasing her husband, or her kids, there is very little thought given to what it is that she wants, or what would make her happy. If you want to know how to seduce a married woman, it may be as simple as doing something for her. If you see a flower bouquet, give it to her for no reason at all. If you see something that you know she would like, buy it for her. As long as it isn’t too expensive, or crosses the line by being too sexual, it may raise her acceptance of trying something new.

Do things that she likes to do

If you know that she loves flea markets, but her husband won’t do that with her, then you can volunteer to take one for the team. Showing interest in the things that she is interested in is something that she is probably not getting from her current relationship. A component of showing a woman that you are interested in her as a person is to do things that she likes to do whether they are painful for you or not. Since her husband has already said he doesn’t care that what she likes to do is important, show her that it is important to you and join in. That is one of the best ways how to seduce married women.

Talk to her about something other than chores

Chances are good that if she is even still talking to her husband they talk about nothing but the logistics of their lives. There is probably very little talk about anything more than the day to day stuff that isn’t emotional, enjoyable, or fun to talk about. If you want to seduce a married woman with words, talk to her about something that doesn’t involve grocery shopping, or soccer practice. She just wants to remember a time when she was fun and had a good time. That is something she probably hasn’t had in a while

Bring her somewhere fun

The places that a married woman usually gets to go are those places that are either down the street, or are planned PTA meetings. If you want to seduce a married woman than take her somewhere other than the local pub. Tell her to get dressed up, make herself pretty and do something outside of the ordinary. Allowing her to get dressed up and to feel pretty will make her feel more amorous about the person she is with and that will be you, not the man who hasn’t cared enough to go anywhere with her besides parent-teacher conferences.

Touch her in a flirtatious way

Married women go a long time without being touched or hugged. Many women don’t get much physical attention from their significant others. What they get is a quickie once in while or a kiss on the cheek as he leaves for work. If you want to know how to seduce a married woman sexually, it is by doing those things that make her heart go pitter patter. Touching her erogenous zonesare the best ways to get her thinking about having sex that is fun and exciting again.

Show her that she isn’t as happy as she thinks

If you ask a woman if she is happily married, she will most likely say that she is. Most women think that if they aren’t miserable, then they must be happy. The key to being happy is feeling alive, and not many married women even remember what that feels like. If you want to seduce a happily married woman, show her that she may not be as happily married as she thinks she is. Showing her that there is still excitement and enjoyment to be had, is a great way to show her the potential of what her life can be.

Fraternizing is okay

If you are looking to seduce a married woman at work, that is the simplest of all the ways. Most women are so stressed out working full time, they just don’t want to have to go home and do all the stuff that they have to. Ask them to join you for a drink, allow her to laugh again and not have an agenda, or something to do for you and she is going to think you are the best thing ever. Married women who work full time are an easy mark for someone who is looking to seduce a married woman.

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