How To Seduce A Girl…Not The Creepy Way

How To Seduce A Girl…Not The Creepy Way

It sounds so ugly, doesn’t it? Seducing a girl isn’t like being the creepy guy in the corner waiting to pounce. It also isn’t about putting a roofie in her drink. The way how to seduce a girl into bed isn’t about tricking them or making them think they have something that they don’t. If you want to know how to seduce a girl for sex, it is all about being the charming guy who can not only make her feel good about herself, but also make her forget about all the nonsense that she has on her mind. If you can make her forget about all the things she has been taught in her upbringing, you can get any girl into your bed tonight, and every night.

Girls are different from boys obviously. What is also different about the sexes is the way that they are brought up. Girls are taught that good girls don’t. Guys are taught that good girls may, but too goodie of a girl never does. The truth is that every girl has a vixen in her that is dying to get out. If you can undo all the years of propaganda, she will naturally want to have sex with you for her own enjoyment. You just have to convince her that all she knows is wrong and you are right. Easy, right? It can be, if you do these things:

Make her feel special

The key of how to seduce any girl is to make her feel special. Women are attention cravers and acceptance seekers. If you not only accept her for who she is, but also make her feel like she is the only creature on this planet that is worthy of your time and attention, she will fall into bed with you quicker than you can say “my place?”. Women are not a stupid species but they can be gullible. It doesn’t take much to make them feel good about themselves. If you compliment her, or call out some quality that you absolutely love about her, then you will make her feel like she has something that no one else does. If you can make her feel that way she will want to spend as much time as possible with you and to return the favor of making you feel good too. Since women are taught that their bodies are their temples, you have to make her feel like you understand how special she really is.

Make it her idea

There is way to introduce the idea of a one-night stand, but to make it seem like it was her idea. Many women are taught that guys are always trying to take advantage of them for sex. The best ways to seduce a girl is to convince her that sex was her idea. There are ways to mention sexual encounters that get her thinking about sex. If you don’t hit on her, or follow through with trying to get her into bed, she is going to think that the idea was all hers when she comes up with the plan to do a little after hours action. Letting her feel in control and like it was her decision and hers alone is an excellent way to get her into bed.

Don’t hit on her

Women love to be adored. If she is the hottest girl in the bar and everyone is trying to get into her pants, then don’t hit on her. She will pretend that having guys hit on her all the time is annoying, but secretly she loves it. If you are the one guy that isn’t making a move on her, she is going to wonder why you don’t want to be with her. Once she sees that you are the only one who may not want her, she is going to want you and want to have sex with you. Women love the guy who doesn’t give them the time of day when everyone else is falling all over them. To be clear, this only works for hot girls. If you are just doing it to play hard to get, you are going to find it hard to get her.

Look into her eyes

Not many men are very good at making eye contact, or communicating. If you look her square in the eyes when talking to her and never stray away, you are going to get her into bed. There is nothing more attractive than a guy who is able to look a woman in the eye. It is like opening your soul to her. If you look her in the eye, it is the best way how to seduce any girl. Girls are dying to connect emotionally with a guy. If they feel like they can connect on a personal level, they are more apt to want to do so on a physical level too.

Ask for her digits but don’t call

No, this is not another hard to get tactic. Don’t use her phone number to call her, but seduce a girl by texting. If you blow up her phone by telling her how amazing she is and how you can’t stop thinking about her beautiful smile, she will begin a conversation with you. If you can talk to her through a text, and feel like she is getting to know you on a personal level, the next time you meet her out, she will have a connection with you. That is what she needs to make the next move to hopping into bed with you.

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