How To Pick Up Women Even If You Are No Brad Pitt

How To Pick Up Women Even If You Are No Brad Pitt

Sure, if you were an actor heartthrob like Brad Pitt, meeting girls would obviously be no problem. For the rest of us, getting any girl we want is not so simple. There are ways to get a girl to like you and then there are ways to get her to slap you. Knowing the difference is crucial to getting the desired result. Contrary to what guys think, there is a skill behind how to pick up women. Some guys have it, some guys don’t. The good news is that if you weren’t born with it, it can be learned. If you really want to know how to pick up women, here are some definite do’s and don’ts to go by.

If you want to know how to pick up women:

Do be a gentleman

There are many guys who think that women want their independence. It isn’t that they want be paid less for the same work, or that they need you necessarily to save them like a damsel in distress, but the truth is that women do like it when you hold the door for them, pull out their chair, or stand up when she returns from the bathroom to do it again. Showing her that you are considerate and that you respect her is a great way to make an impression.

Don’t be overly accommodating

There is a fine line between being chivalrous and being downright pushy. A girl wants a guy to go the extra mile to help her out, but she doesn’t want a guy to reach over and cut her food up for her. Showing respect isn’t about doing for her, it is about making sure she knows that she comes first. Opening the door says, “you first”, pulling out her chair says, “you first”, ordering her meal for her says, “I am in control”. Do those things that don’t take liberties, or discount her own feelings or wants.

Do use a pick up line

If you have a pickup line that will make her smile and you know how to deliver it, then do. There are many pickup lines that are excellent to get her to give you a chance. Being witty and charming will always earn you a place at the seat next to her.

Don’t use a pickup line if it isn’t “you”

The problem with some pickup lines is that it is all in the delivery. If you are poorly delivering the line, not the charming type, or screw it all up because you forget the punch line you are going to get nothing but the bad eye roll. Not all guys know how to deliver a pickup line. Knowing whether you are the guy or not is imperative to making your way, or earning you way out for good.

Do smile

Dating should be fun, not something that looks torturous. If you approach a woman looking like it is painful to talk to her, she is most likely not going to want to invite you to sit down. No matter how uncomfortable it is for you to make the move, or to put yourself in the spot to be rejected, you have to put your biggest smile forward and show her that you are a fun loving guy.

Don’t be a dick

If you are nervous, it can be cute. Being slightly nervous tells a girl that you really like her. If you come on too strong like you are doing her the favor of getting to know her then she isn’t going to be impressed, or want to talk to you. Smiling is a must, being cocky is a not. Being humble, nervous and sweet are all things that will make you more attractive. Playing hard to get, aloof, or rude are not good ways to get her to like you.

Do compliment her

There is nothing wrong with paying her a compliment about what she is wearing, her smile, or something that you really like about her. Some guys think that compliments will sound cheesy, or insincere. Women like to be adored, and the best way to pick up a woman is to make her feel good about herself. If you can make her feel special, then she will want to spend her time with you.

Don’t tell her that you like her boobs

Compliments are great, but only if they are respectful. Try to compliment her on things that aren’t really physical. Try to be the guy that notices more than her double D size. Instead, compliment her on her eyes. That way she will know that you have looked at something other than her chest.

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