How To Pick Up Girls Even If You Aren’t A Lady killer

How To Pick Up Girls Even If You Aren’t A Lady killer

If you are reading this, then it likely follows that you aren’t the pied piper with girls. There are some guys who can pick up just by smiling at some hot chick and then there are the rest of us. What do those guys have that we don’t? Most often it isn’t that they are the hottest guys, or that they are the most suave, it is that they know how to play the game to win. There are ways to manipulate the dating game to get what you want, every time. If you want to know how to pick up girls, it isn’t any magic or hidden secret. The way to pick up girls is to follow these rules of engagement.

The best ways how to pick up girls

Know who you are dealing with

Each type of girl will need something different. That is why to pick up a girl you have to know who she is and what she is looking for. When I mean know a girl, I mean you have to understand her type. Right now I am sure you are scratching your head thinking that you have no idea what a woman wants, or doesn’t, but the key is to listen not to what she says, but to how she behaves. If you want to pick up a girl who has guys crawling all over her, you have to be the one who doesn’t. If you want to pick up a girl who is standing in the corner alone, you have to walk right up to her. The major thing to pinpoint is what the other guys aren’t doing. That is going to be your in. If she got what she was looking for, she obviously wouldn’t still be alone, single, or still looking.

Stop looking for the slut

The mistake that most guys make when looking to pick up a woman is that they always try to go for the easiest looking girl in the group. The problem is that just because she looks easy doesn’t’ mean that she necessarily is. If a girl is dressed like a slut, acts like a slut and talks like a slut then she most often is. Where there is slut, there is competition and that is not what you want to get into. There are plenty of other easy marks that will limit the competition, and have the same results. Look for the silent girl who is alone at the bar, waiting for someone who probably is not coming. She is usually there to find someone or she got stood up. Either way she is looking for someone like you to sweep in and save the night.

Don’t be cheesy

If you want to pick up a girl, you can’t use the same old tired phrases, or the same old tired moves. Being sincere and actually talking with her and showing interest will not only make the experience more enjoyable, it will put her at ease and you will have a greater chance of being with her by the morning sunrise. Pick up lines are great for the guy who knows how to use them, or delivers them with charisma. If you were that guy, then you wouldn’t be reading this…am I right? Save the cute pickup lines for the guys who know how to use them and instead just be the best you. If you are funny, be funny. If you are shy, be shy. If you aren’t much of anything, well then buy her a drink or two.

If you get laid bonus

We all go in with the hopes of getting laid, don’t we? If you spend all your time only going after one thing and never get it, it makes for a miserable existence and makes you behave old and tired before you have even tried. The more rejection you experience the more unhappy you are, and girls only want to be with a guy who is happy. Go into every situation with the hopes of just having fun and enjoy the ride. If you score, great, if you don’t no big deal. The idea is to learn something from each new try and to take it with a grain of salt. Not scoring time and time again can make you a pretty cantankerous guy.

Have a good plan should it go your way

If you do have the opportunity to get close enough to bring her back to your place, you have to know how to ask, and be close to make it convenient. If you ask a girl to go back to your place 30 minutes from where you are at, that isn’t going to sound like a good plan to her. Stick close to home and always have an exit plan. If you are more likely to get laid somewhere a little further from home, then think about a hotel bar and pay the extra for a good room. That is going to be much more attractive than a fifty-dollar cab ride for her.

Picking up girls is not as difficult as it seems. It is about knowing who you are picking up, what she is like, what she wants, and how to make it seem as if there is some benefit to her. All those things are well within reach if you plan correctly.

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