How To Pick Up A Girl At A Party…Know These Simple Rules Of Engagement

How To Pick Up A Girl At A Party…Know These Simple Rules Of Engagement

Your friends finally convinced you to go to that stupid party for work and you barely did much but roll out of bed to make it there. All of a sudden, you see her. She is the most exquisite thing you have ever laid eyes on. The problem is that you aren’t prepared, either physically or mentally, to give it your best shot. If you knew that the girl of your dreams was going to be standing in front of you, you could have googled to look up how to pick up a girl at a party, but you didn’t. If you want to make sure that you always know how to pick up a girl at a party, make sure to read the rules to getting any girl to go home from a party with you below.

Picking up a girl from a party is different from picking her up at a bar. Parties have a different feel and atmosphere than going to clubs. You have to watch what you do at a party more carefully so that if you bomb you don’t make it obvious and embarrass yourself in front of the crowd. To pick her up you have to follow these simple rules:

Don’t ever hit on a friend

The best way how to pick up a girl at a party is to always go for someone that you don’t know. If you try to hit on that girl you have always had a crush on, a party is not the best place to do so. Being in your element, means that she is in hers, and it will be very awkward if it doesn’t go the way that you want it to. Most likely you will have mutual friends there that will notice what is going on and they will never let you forget it. Stick to casual acquaintances or people you don’t know.

Don’t ever hit on a girl that is there with someone else

We have all seen that movie where the guy asks the girl he has always loved to leave a party with him. There is an unwritten rule that you don’t ever go for a girl who came to a party with another guy. Not only is it not cool for guy reasons, it is something that won’t get you a re-invite and could end up ostracizing you from the rest of the people who you have in common. Wait until the girl is at the party alone, or out without her boyfriend before you try to make the moves. Picking up girls at a party doesn’t mean that everyone is fair game. The taken ones are taken.

Don’t corner a girl that doesn’t want to be

We have all witnessed that poor girl who is standing in the corner looking around for someone to save her from the creepy stalker guy. If you are at a party and a girl doesn’t seem interested in the least, persistence is not going to pay off, it is just going to make you look silly and creepy. If she is giving you the red stop sign, then it is time to back off and perhaps look in the other direction. If you want to give it a try again at another time or another venue, that may work but forcing yourself on her more than once isn’t going to be cute or endearing.

Don’t get too drunk

If you are the drunk guy at the party, you can guarantee that you aren’t going to be going anywhere with anyone but home. The drunk guy at the party isn’t attractive to anyone. Before you decide that you and the wolf pack need to belly up to the bar and do shots, make sure that you don’t want to hit on any girl at the party and score. Seeing cross-eyed is not a huge turn on for most, if any, girls. Picking up girls requires that you have all your faculties in place and that you aren’t going to run the risk of “whiskey dick”.

Be considerate about what the party is for

Sure, parties are meant to be times of celebration. There are going to be some occasions when picking up a girl may not be the best option. If you are at a work event, you may want to keep your libido in check to make sure that you don’t inadvertently hit on the bosses mistress, girlfriend, or sister. Keeping in mind the type of party that you are going to is crucial to have success in picking a girl up at it.

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