How To Have A Discreet Affair By Hooking Up Online

Hooking up online can get you caught – or make your affair more discreet. You can leverage technology for secrecy, but if you’re not careful, you’ll leave behind a trail of evidence for your spouse to find. Use these tips to have responsible, private hookups every time.

Make Brand New Adult Dating Site Accounts

So many guys make this obvious mistake: using their regular social networks to hook up. It’s so easy for your wife or girlfriend to go through your messages and find a full history of all of your conversations.

An even worse mistake: creating a new account on a regular social network. Sites like Facebook keep records of all of your messages, and it’s too easy for anyone to find your new profile. Sometimes, it’s tough to tinker with privacy settings to make sure your private profile is actually private.

By sticking to kinky adult dating sites, you’ll avoid running into your wife or girlfriend, or her friends, or anyone who shouldn’t know about your profile. Adult dating networks rarely let anyone view user profiles unless they have an account. The only people who have accounts are horny people looking to get laid.

Make sure to permanently delete all signup email, unsubscribe from email newsletters, and disable notifications. Creating a new email address can help, but you must remember to log out of it.

Go Incognito Or Use Private Browsing Mode

You can make sure all your adult dating activity disappears every time you close your browser. That way, you won’t have to worry about forgetting to clear your history.

On your Google Chrome browser, press CTRL + SHIFT + N
On Internet Explorer, press CTRL + SHIFT + P
On Firefox, press CTRL + SHIFT + P

You can use private browsing in most web browsers, even on mobile phones.

Private browsing means no web history, cookies or passwords will be saved. When you login to adult dating sites in private browsing, you’ll be logged out when you close your browser window.

Don’t Use Your Real Phone Number

Your cell phone creates your biggest risk to getting caught. If you add a pass-code, she’ll wonder what you’re hiding. Even if she doesn’t normally go through your phone, a kinky text can show up on your screen, blowing your cover.

Carrying around an extra cell-phone is also very suspicious. Avoid using your phone number for hookups if you can. You could easily make arrangements for a hookup through dating site messaging.

If you must use your phone, you can get a separate phone number through Google Voice and forward it to your personal cell. You can delete your separate phone number at any time, while never revealing your real number.

Always Use Protection

While you can get rid of the digital evidence, physical evidence of your affair is harder to hide. This includes unintentional pregnancy or an STD. Always use a condom, even if your fuck buddy claims to use birth control – many girls forget to take them at the same time every day, and they don’t protect against disease.

If you’re ever unsure, know when to walk away from a hookup – or just ask for a handjob. Don’t get too drunk, and don’t take strange pills from someone you just met.

The Best Hookup Sites For Affairs

Now that you know how to keep your activity private, you’re ready to get out there and start getting laid. Check out our latest list of the best sites for hooking up online, rated for the best features, users and how easy it is to score a hookup.

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