How To Get To Women’s Sexual Fantasies…Even If They Keep Them Hidden

How To Get To Women’s Sexual Fantasies

The thing about women is that they aren’t supposed to like sex. I know it is completely crazy, but they are sexualized and told their bodies are a temple. That means that it is something to be kept to one’s self. Guys are supposed to be the conquerors, the more sexual encounters the better, the hotter the sex, the better. A woman who has sexual desires, or likes things outside of the missionary position are somehow more experienced which is always bad. The truth is that every woman has fantasies. It is normal to have dreams and desires about sexual activity. Getting her to fess up is not always easy. No matter how comfortable she is with you, the fear factor is going to keep those hidden secrets, hidden. To get her to fess up about her sexual wants, you have to be a bit more tricky. Try these tips to get her to open up and make her dreams come true.

Go first

Women’s fantasies are more likely to come out when she feels comfortable confessing. If you tell her what your fantasies are then she is going to be more apt to trust you to do the same. Not wanting to be rejected, she isn’t going to go first, or offer information that may paint her in a bad light. If you go ahead and tell her something that makes you vulnerable, the chances are good she will be more willing to open up to you.

Most likely fantasies

The most likely women sexual fantasies are those that involve domination or control. You either have a girl who is into being dominated, or she fantasizes about taking control. How do you know which type she is? The answer is probably in the way that she acts. If she allows you to take control all the time, then she probably has a secret desire to be controlled. In the reverse, if she is a control freak, she is probably looking for someone to dominate her. Usually the opposite of her behavior, or what she is used to, is the basis of the sexual fantasies for women.

Play truth or dare

If you want to find out a woman’s sexual fantasies, play games. Sure, no girl likes to be played with, but this one could be fun. Get her to confess by asking her 20 questions. She is more likely to agree to play a game to get to the truth. Then it almost seems like you have to win to get to the truth. If you play 20 questions, you are almost assured to get to the gist by the end of the last question.

Ask her about what her dream guy is

Women have a harder time separating love from sex. If you ask her what her dream guy is like, he is usually part of the sexual fantasies for women. Bedroom fantasies are usually based oddly enough on their favorite fairy tale, only a bit more kinky. By asking her what her prince charming is made of, you can get a feel for what type of man he would be in the bedroom. It is a way to learn her sexual fantasies without embarrassing her or putting her on the spot.

The most common female fantasies

If all else fails and you just can’t get her to fess up, there are some common themes and women’s top sexual fantasies that are likely. The top themes are being surprised, tied up, dominated, taken advantage of, or being an innocent bystander. Taking those themes which are all very similar you can devise your own version to see how she reacts. If you go to the lengths to try to create her fantasy, she may give in and just tell you so the next time you both get what you want.

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