How To Get A One Night Stand…It Isn’t You It Is Her

How To Get A One Night Stand…It Isn’t You It Is Her

If you are reading this then you have probably tried several times to close the deal the traditional way, but come up short. There is nothing worse than spending your night invested in a girl, buying her drinks and thinking that things are going your way only to find that they don’t. When the lights go on and you consistently end up walking home alone, something is missing in the equation. When they call “last call”, there are steps that you can take to sure up the night, or to end up not sleeping solo, do you know what they are? There are ways how to get a one night stand:

Closing the deal with a girl is no different from closing a sales deal. The only difference is that you are selling yourself and how great it would be to have some late night sex. More importantly, it is about finding the right person to sell it to. There are those girls who are in it for the free drinks and attention but will never go for it, and then there are those who have frequent one night stand encounters. Look for the following characteristics to choose the one that is most likely to follow you home.

She is in a group of girls

Pick the girl who is in a group of girls. If she is only with one girl then there is probably a pact to go home together. Girls travel in pairs and make secret alliances of no woman left behind. If she is just with one other girl, they are there to talk and hang out. The likelihood that she is going to dump her partner is not likely. If you choose the girl who is in a group of girls not only is she in more of a party mood, no one is going to miss her when she steps away from the group to focus on you. She has no responsibilities to get someone home, or to take care of anyone but herself.

She is dressed less conservatively

I know, you are probably thinking about the old adage “don’t judge a book by its cover”. In this case, you can throw that saying out the window. To know how to have a one night stand, a girl who is dressed less conservatively is much more likely to do the naked tango with you than the one who is all covered up from head to toe. When a woman is dressed more provocatively it means that she is more comfortable with her own sexuality and that most likely she is there for a reason which is to find a guy. That doesn’t mean that you have to find the girl with the shortest skirt, but do go for the girl who has left less to the imagination.

Look for signs that she is into you

Don’t spend all night talking to a girl who is very shy or doesn’t seem very into you. A girl will show that she is interested in something more than some interesting conversation by the way that she moves and the things that she says. If she is into you, she will find ways to brush up against you, or to touch you. That is a sure sign that you are more likely to get a one night stand. Other signs of flirtation are flipping her hair, laughing at your unfunny jokes, or seemingly way too interested in what you have to say. Those are all green lights that things are going to progress the way that you want.

She is the outgoing one

If you want to know how to get one night stands it is by finding the girl who is more outgoing. She is going to be the one that throws caution to the wind, talks to a guy just because, does shots on the bar, or isn’t afraid to hop onto it. The more adventurous girls are a better chance of how to have a 1 night stand. If she is standing against the wall like a shrinking violet, you are probably not going to get her into bed tonight, or perhaps any night.

She can’t be too drunk

The mistake that most guys make is to try to hit on the girl who is well past the point of being tipsy. Thinking that a girl who is drunk is going to make poorer decisions, most guys find that girl who is already half in the bag and continue to feed her drinks. They are always shocked at the end of the night when the girl has just enough in her to say no and head into a cab. When women are extremely drunk, they are more likely to have a routine of how to get home. It isn’t their first rodeo and they probably have drunk too much many a night. Knowing how to handle themselves when they have had too much, they don’t have any more focus in their brains than “gotta get home”. Your best bet is to find the girl who is just happy enough to let those inhibitions slip away. Any more than happy and you are looking at the potential for danger too. The last thing you want is a girl who was too drunk to remember that she gave you consent. That can make for a very ugly morning.

Sometimes it isn’t about what you are doing wrong. If you want to know how to get one night stands, it is not only about being charming, it is about finding the right girl to pick up. There are some girls who are never going to do it, and if you have had a long list of declines it may be that you are just going for the wrong type. Try to go for girls that are different from what you normally would chose. They are the likely candidates of where to get one night stand activity.

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