How To Get A Fuckbuddy On Adult Dating Sites

One-night-stands are great, but a fuckbuddy is better. Having a fuckbuddy means you’ll have someone to text whenever you want to have sex, and you can go straight to your place – no dating necessary.

Girls like having fuckbuddies too. They feel safer having sex with someone who isn’t a complete stranger. They also notice that the more they have sex with you, the more you learn to hit the right notes.

Here’s how you can meet and keep a fuckbuddy using any adult dating site:

Be Straight Up
Mention in your profile bio that you’d like to find a fuckbuddy. It’ll be easier for girls who want the same to find you.

Don’t Propose A Fuckbuddy Friendship
When you start a chat conversation with a girl, you shouldn’t ask her if she’d like to be your fuckbuddy. Wait until your first encounter. If you both have a great time, you can text her later, “Hey, that was great, let’s do it again sometime!”

Don’t Act Like A Boyfriend
The biggest caveat: one of you might want something more. Be respectful so she won’t feel used, but don’t be overly sweet. Offer her a snack, but don’t make her dinner. Catch up on some Netflix afterwards, but don’t cuddle and watch The Notebook.

Keep It Light
Understand that she will sleep with other people and don’t hide the fact that you’re going on other dates. Getting possessive is the fastest way to turn off a girl who doesn’t want a relationship.

Set Boundaries
Some people say spending the night with a fuckbuddy is too intimate, but it’s polite to offer if she doesn’t have a ride late at night. It also opens up the possibility of morning sex.

After a few encounters, have an open conversation about your intentions and set some ground rules. Remember the “buddy” part – you should feel comfortable being upfront with one another.

How To Keep Her Coming Back For More
If you want her to text you again and again for a repeat performance, you’ll need to give her an unforgettable orgasm the first time you have sex with her. So many girls find it easy to get laid, yet hard to find a guy who is skilled enough to make it worth her while. You have just one chance to prove to her that you’re an amazing lay – after that, she’ll be demanding more and more.

Every girl has her own set of preferences and sensitivities, but they all agree on one thing: guys move too fast. Very few girls can have an orgasm in fewer than 15 minutes. It’s even harder for her to climax if she feels rushed. The key to making sex great for her is taking your time and paying close attention to her natural reactions.

Clitoral stimulation is the number one way to get her juices flowing, yet so many guys ignore this hotspot. After a few minutes of making out, grind on her through your clothes. Progress to caressing her through the fabric of her panties, and only move forward if you begin to feel her getting wet.

If you’re not very experienced with the delicate structure of a woman’s clit, you can still give her huge orgasms. Just let her in on a little secret: you love watching her play with herself.

Nobody can give her a better orgasm than herself, so encourage her to rub her clit while you have sex. When she does, she’ll have a dual clit-vaginal orgasm – a screaming double whammy she’ll never forget.

Fuckbuddies Aren’t Forever
Your friendship can end in just a few ways: you will decide to stop sleeping together, most likely because she will get a boyfriend. Or, your relationship might evolve into something more serious.

Remember that this arrangement is temporary. Don’t sweat it if she suddenly stops answering your texts. Keep a few buddies in your rotation; don’t depend on just one girl to satisfy you.

Be careful not to fall in love, especially if you’re not interested in something serious. Sexual compatibility isn’t the only thing that matters in romance, but it can create strong feelings of attachment.

Only you can decide what to do with these feelings. It might be best to keep your distance so you don’t get hurt – but sometimes, your heart (and your dick!) knows exactly what you really want.

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