How To Delay Ejaculation To Protect Your Manhood

If you have ever been in the situation where you came too soon, you will understand this article.

If you have ever been in the situation where you came too soon, you will understand this article. The truth is that almost every man will experience premature ejaculation at least once in a while. It only becomes a problem when it interrupts either your pleasure or hers. Being able to last is a sign of being a man, and every man wants to show his stamina and ability to last long in bed. Not all men are able to however. There are some guys who just don’t have the same skills as others in the bedroom. If you are tired of being the one who is saying “oops” all the time, or seeing the disappointed look on your mates face, there are ways how to delay ejaculation that don’t involve embarrassing doctor’s appointments, ridiculous creams, or expensive pumps. If you want to know how to delay ejaculation, it may be easier than you think.

When we talk about how to delay ejaculation in males there is no magic amount of time that defines how long a man should last. Generally, premature ejaculation is defined by either not satisfying your mate, or not achieving the sexual experience that you want yourself. There are all sorts of things that are advertised to get premature ejaculation under control, but not all of them are real, and not all of them work. There are things such as therapies, exercises, pumps and even delay ejaculation pills, but the one that works for one man may not work for another. Unfortunately, the only way to know which is the best option for you is through trial and error. If you have a playful and understanding mate that could be fun, but if you are on the brink of losing that special someone because you can’t satisfy her, then trial and error becomes nothing but frustrating.

The top five ways to delay ejaculation are:


There are penile exercises that you can do to increase your stamina and increase your ability to last longer in bed. When most men start out sexual exploration it is in their bathroom, or between the sheets. The natural course is to try to achieve orgasm as quickly as possible. Without any thought to technique or learning how to control an orgasm the focus on reaching it and that is the extent of your exploration. If your experiences are pretty limited, and you never take the time to learn how to control your sexual experiences, then you are going to be more prone to premature ejaculation. By exercising your penis and learning what to do to speed things up as well as what to do to slow them down, you can learn tricks to delay premature ejaculation. Learning what motions, vibrations and movements are most likely to help reach orgasm also involves learning how to control the orgasm too.

Premature ejaculation creams

There are all sorts of sexual enhancers on the market to increase your sensations and pleasure. There are also those things that are used to numb you to the sensations. You may ask yourself why on earth anyone would want to do that. The answer is to delay premature ejaculation. By numbing the sensations of the penis you are able to delay your ejaculation. Like having borrowed time, they may help you to lose the sensations that are needed for you to climax. Not many men find much benefit with these kinds of creams. What most men find is that climax is not all in the motion of the penis, but it lies in the imagination of their minds as well. No cream can stop that.


In the same way that creams can sometimes numb your sensations to movement, imagery can sometimes numb your mind to the mental component that is needed to ejaculate. Learning different techniques to focus your attention away from orgasming can be very useful to help in premature ejaculation. That old tale about thinking about baseball may have some merit. Of course, it may be difficult to think about baseball and lose an erection, but thinking about something stressful in your life like family or work problems can squash any good feeling.

Changing movements

Sometimes the way how to delay premature ejaculation is as easy as learning to stop, or change movements when you know you are about to ejaculate. The key to these type of techniques is learning to recognize when you are close to orgasm. That itself may take some real time and attention. If you are really ready to make a change, then learning to control your penis may take some discipline.

There are no magic drugs that delay ejaculation. Since there are many ejaculation problems delayed methods that can help some men to get their rapid fire under control, learning which one is most beneficial to you as an individual is not always easy, but it is the key to a better sex life.

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