How a hot Sex Buddy Made Me Wanting

True Story of My Hot Sex Buddy


This is the true story of why and how I found my sex buddy.

For a very long time, I was the bad boy of our class. Everybody respected me because of my intelligence. See, I never used to read, but I was always the top student in our class. I was the most outgoing person, always having sex with hot girls and attending all parties in our neighborhood. I was also famous for my drinking and smoking habit. I was also a flirt. Every person in our class wanted to associate with me. To many people, I had a perfect life.

At that time, I had a hot girlfriend that. She was the most sexy woman in our class and every person wanted to fuck her. On the side, I had other girls who wanted to fuck me because of my charm and great looks. I honestly loved my girlfriend and I could not bring myself to fuck other girls or at least at that time.



Though she was hot and I loved her very much, my girl didn’t want sex all the time. At times, she complained that she was having her periods when in fact she was not. At times, she lied that she had a headache and other excuses to get out of sex.

As a man, I get horny and have urge to sometimes just get laid. So, I decided that the only way to find someone  to fuck discreetly was on an adult dating or a sex buddy finder site. I heard some of my buddies talk about sex sites. That is when my life changed. For starters, a sex buddy is a friend who you meet and just fuck without the mental or emotional ties. Your only need from the partner is a good time and great sex. You can have a girlfriend but still have a sex buddy.

A Cute and Horny Sex Buddy

My first step was to find the best hookup site on the internet where hot women posted their profiles to find sex buddies. The site was Hookup Cloud So, I created an account in a site and posted my picture. I intentionally posted that I needed a sex buddy relationship to avoid getting a girl who was interested in a real relationship.

A few hours after posting my profile, sex buddies requests started streaming in. There were tons of sex buddys who wrote to me because they thought I had an excellent body. I started to flirt with a couple of them and exchange pictures. I was very determined to have my first fuck buddy sex that same night.

Nicole was the first girl to write to me and I liked her curvy body. I imagined how good she would be as my sex buddy. I had always heard about how black girls are good in bed. So, I chose her as my sex partner for the evening.

My life changed after we met in a hotel room. My sex buddy was Nicole was this tall, dark and curvy woman. She came dressed in a short red skirt. Also, she had a sexy bra, a thong and amazing lingerie.

After having a few drinks and a short talk, we got into business. That night, we never slept. We fucked throughout the night with only a couple of breaks. I must confess, Nicole and I make a very good team fucking in bed and out of bed.

So, I decided to share my story hoping that you now understand the best way on how to get a sex buddy using a sex website or a sex mobile app. With my tips, you will get cute ladies for casual dating. If you are looking for sex buddy on the internet then start with the list of sex dating sites that helped me at

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