Hook Up Dating: Swinging Time Part 1.



 How Hook Up Dating Took Us From  Couple Sex Adventures To Sex Swingers with Couples.

I really need to thank the internet for the wonders of all hook up dating sites.  My name is Patrico and I met the love of my life and my wife, Amanda, on a subway train late one Wednesday night.  It was an unusual way to meet and we generally just tell people it was an instant attraction on sight and we talked all night.   In reality, my lady was on the way to meet a random stranger  from a hook up dating type of site.  Her mind and body got the best of her and she found me instead.  Read about our wild first night here.

Our relationship was intense from the beginning and we were ardent and adventurous lovers that loved voyeurism, exhibitionism and other expressions of lovemaking that tend to make other boring couples seem so vanilla.  We were always coming up with new exciting ways to spice it up.  We tried many different hook up dating sites to add new flavors and techniques to our lovemaking.  Then we found swinging information on our favorite site called “Hooked up Dating“.

Amanda always was open with me about her previous experiences and was deeply sexual of course.  Her first time ever  with a man was between her and her best friend, Kaylee.  Her sex life had rarely ever fallen into any vanilla category even though she was  briefly married before to a boring business man that stifled her excitement and zest for life. But no more, because she was reawakened with me.

Anyway, any chance of us being vanilla at all ended with my friend Miguel and his wife, Trina.  Miguel and Trina are often at our house on the weekends for cook outs and board games and drinks and we all talked and laughed easily but I’d always wondered about if they were swingers because Trina, a leggy sexy brunette white woman in her late 20’s, seemed to always be overly flirtatious to me and Miguel came on to Amanda subtly all the time too. Hook up dating sites had shown us the right signs so we knew it was time to approach it with them when we were all planning a getaway in Australia together and we were going to share one hotel room.

Dating hook up has a section on the best night life in town that got us in the mood as we all had a few drinks and danced then late we went back to the room intoxicated but happy and horny too if truth be told.  Amanda grabbed me in the hotel room right in front of Miguel and kissed me long and deep and rubbed up against me.  I was instantly hard for her as always and knew that she was not going to be shy here at all.

Trina laughed her throaty sexy laugh and said. “Hmm, did not really think about the privacy issue of sharing a room now did we?”

Amanda broke the kiss and said “Well, we are all grownups here, I think we know each other well enough to be discreet to the other couple but we don’t mind seeing a little skin you know? ”  She winked at Trina.  “What would you say if you saw me fucking my husband?”

Trina said “I would play with myself and want to ask to join in.”  Amanda winked and walked over to hug her. “Would you want  to fuck my husband?”  Trina nodded and licked her lips looking at me seductively.  She bit her lip in such a cute way that it was almost innocent how sexy she was.

Miguel nodded enthusiastically and I smiled over at him.  “Well, what about if we just do it now instead of in the middle of the night?  I think Amanda would be happy to oblige you too. ”

Trina and Amanda did not even answer that as they were already reaching out for each other and as their lips met I thought my cock might jump out of its confinement.  I love watching my wife taste another woman and I was ready to sample from Trina’s bountiful beauty.  Dating hook up can be your pleasure anytime, just by going to Hookup Cloud


Suddenly they were laying back on the bed and kissing so much that it was like they had always been waiting to taste each other and Miguel and I just watched as our clothes melted from us into a puddle and our cocks stood up.  One opposite sides of the bed we touched the hot bodies for the first time of the other’s spouse and began to stroke our own cocks ready for adventure in hook up dates with the lovely ladies we had.

If you want to find out some tips on having your own adventures with friends you can read 5 Tips on how to turn a friend into a fuck buddy.

The beauties became aware of us and smiled at each other knowingly as they turned to us, my wife to Miguel and Trina kneeled to me.  Her beautiful breasts were pointing up, not as large as Amanda’s but perfectly formed and I reached out and caressed her nipples with both hands and lowered my head to take one in my mouth.  She threw back her head and closed her eyes and her hand sank down to her velvet softness below.  I took the invitation to lay her back down on the bed and sank my head down into the place her hand was.  She moaned deeply and I took a peek to see that Amanda had her throat deeply full of Miguel’s cock. I returned to my job at hand of licking up and down Trina’s slit with my tongue.  Amanda was an expert at what she did.

Trina’s cunt was bald and perfect.  I stuck my finger up inside and she was so wet already.  She was melting with pleasure.  Miguel smiled and said “Honestly, she’s been ready for this from you for a long time. We didn’t know how to bring it up.”  I just nodded and said back “Well I’m going to fuck your wife so hard tonight.”.  I turned her over and pulled her back to bend her over the bed and got in between her legs and rubbed my cock up her pussy lips.   “You want it?”  She moaned.  I pressed forward and she sighed as my cock slipped in.

Miguel grinned as his wife was enjoying my rhythm and told her “Take it baby, fuck him good!”  He had his dick deep in Amanda’s love hole and was giving it to her good.  My wife is a screamer and she was on a roll.  Things were progressing nicely and better than I had ever hoped.   Australia was hot sultry and we were here for a week.  This was just the beginning of a long night.  We had known it would come but I was already planning more adventures on hook up dating website connections soon.

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