Hiring Cam Girls

Our website is going starting a daily cam show for our website visitors. We plan on starting with 1 show per day and will expand it to multiple times once things pick up. Below are the main points to know.

  • The average show will be 10 minutes.
  • Cam girls will make up to $1 per minute NET TO YOU
  • You will be paid the same day you work via paypal or payoneer
  • There will be opportunities for more business when our customers want 1 on 1 camming

If you are interested, please email Ron at ron@top10adultdatingsites.com the following:

  • What is your current cam urls that we can see you at.
  • Send us a sample clip of yourself so we can analyze if you are a right fit for us and be sure it includes you speaking.
  • We will reply within 24 hours.

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