Health Benefits Of Sex That You May Not Know About Revealed…

The Least Known Health Benefits Of Sex

How can something that feels so good be bad? It can’t. Sex is one of the best things not only for our physical health, or physique but for our mental health as well. There are many other health benefits of sex you may not know about. Those who have sex on a regular basis not only report a better quality of life and better mental health, they also have a lower incidence of disease and illness, better immunity and a higher likelihood of longevity. As if you needed another reason to hit the sheets, these health benefits of sex may make you feel better about skipping the gym and staying in bed just an hour or two more.

Sex breeds sex

One of the biggest health benefits of sex is that it fosters the desire for more sex. That is right the more sex you have, the more sex you crave. Engaging in sexual activity boosts your libido and makes you want to go for it again. Especially for women, the more sex they partake in the more they increase blood flow to the vaginal area and increase lubrication. If you want to keep her in the mood, put her in the mood frequently.

Keeps you disease free

There is evidence that having sex regularly actually increases your immune system function. Those who have more sex have been found to have a higher preponderance of antibodies in the body, which fight off bacterial and viral agents. Having a good sex life, therefore, will increase your likelihood of staying healthier overall.

Equals the same benefits of exercise

One of the best health benefits of sex is that it can be considered exercise. Instead of hopping on the treadmill, burn your calories by engaging in sex. A great form of exercise, it burns about five calories a minute. Over the course of a long lovemaking session, that can equal some significant calorie expenditure. The other thing that it does is helps you tone muscles that you may not normally get use. It strengthens abdominals, works on those kegels and can tighten those gluteus muscles.

Staves off prostate cancer risk

Studies in the Journal of the American Medical Association concluded that men who ejaculated often, as calculated by a minimum of 21 times per month, were less likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer. If your girl really wants to protect your health, she will help you along with your count.

Curbs pain

If you are suffering from pain, an orgasm is an excellent way to lessen the experience of pain. According to Rutgers University, orgasm releases hormones that help to raise a person’s natural pain threshold. Just the stimulation of sexual activity can help to make your pain much less. That is why it is suggested that women who are experiencing menstrual cramps should engage in sexual stimulation. It helps to alleviate pain much better than Motrin.

Lower’s stress and blood pressure levels

If you want to keep your heart healthy, do so by getting it pumping. There is a link between blood pressure and sex. Those who engage in sex more frequently have a lower likelihood of having high blood pressure. The link is only found for sexual intercourse, not masturbation, which still remains a mystery for researchers.

Improves a woman’s ability to “hold it”

A lesser talked about health benefit of sex is that it helps women to control their bladder for a longer time. Working to counteract incontinence, good sex works to strengthen the kegel muscles and restores a woman’s ability to hold it much longer. Working out the pelvic floor muscles, it works to gain more control.

Lowers your risk of heart attack

Not only is one of the health benefits of sex a healthy heart, it also helps to raise the natural levels of testosterone and estrogen in the body. When your hormones are low, or out of balance, it predisposes you to health concerns such as osteoporosis and heart disease. Having sex may decrease your risk for heart attack and strengthen your cardiovascular health to boot.

Helps to cut down on anxiety

Having more sex can improve your mood and cut down on the chances that you will experience anxiety and stress. The brain releases endorphins which work to up the pleasure centers in the brain. That helps to improve your mood, prevents depression and helps to cut back on feelings of anxiety and responses to stress.

Helps you sleep better

Another benefit of sex is that it can help you get more “z’s” at night. One of the best benefits of having sex is that you will sleep like a baby afterwards. Since sleep is the key to a long and healthy life, the more sex you have the healthier you will be.

If you ever wondered what the benefits of sex are, there are many more than just these ten. The biggest benefit is that it keeps you happy and healthy for a lifetime.

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