Fuck Me Now Really Good: What Women Really Want

Fuck Me Now: What Beautiful Women Want

Believe you me, going by the friends that I have, no man should pay a girl who he has sex with. My reason for this is that you don’t pay for giving a service. Instead, you are pay for being offered a service.
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This is something that millions of men who have admitted having paying for sex seems to never have figured out. Men think that they are getting a service while in fact, they are offering a service. My female friends recently confessed that they usually have more fun than their fuck partners. In fact, many women would oblige to a sex request even when no money is being offered. Fuck me now, thats what chicks are saying.

Take an example of my friend Sharon. Sharon is a silent girl who never likes to talk much. The other day, I received a very weird message from her. It was a short message which was straight to the point. It read the following, hi Brandon, I want to fuck now. That simple message caught me in shock. Sharon had never told me anything about making out. She is a very reserved woman who I thought she had never had a sexual encounter with any person. After replying to that message, Sharon and I started to flirt where she told me that most adult girls are horny and are always looking to get into casual dating or being laid. She sent another message saying, fuck me now and I had no option than to go and do it.


So, we organized a date with Sharon in Hookup Cloud because I told her that I was also interested in her. I was in the mood to fuck girls now but I did not have an option. Sharon was in that predicament. She had created accounts in many adult dating sites but had not found a perfect match. I had created an account in an adult dating site but had not followed up on it.

“Fuck me now” was Sharon’s request

So, we met in my place because Sharon was a close pal of mine. We had a very long intimacy-free relationship. We could party and even sleep together but because of respect, I did not want to make my first move. We had an amazing night that I will never forget. In between, Sharon and I engaged in a conversation about why she made a move on me. She wondered why men had a culture of ignoring hot ladies close to them. I explained to her that we prefer going out with ladies who we are not friends with to avoid heartbreaks.

On her end, she explained to me that whenever a girl is friends with a man, all she wants is to be fucked. Girls always appreciate men who are there to give them a very rough sex to provoke an orgasm. They don’t like people who are not good at it.

Sharon is my fuck buddy now though I still have an account from a best hookup site called Hookup Cloud where I regularly meet a few singles especially when Sharon is out of town. This is an amazing life and Sharon really opened my eyes to that excellent world. “Fuck me now” thats what ladies want. They want free fuck now not later. So, if you want a fuck buddy now, keep reading this blog.


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