Free Casual Sex – Personal Experience


What is Free Casual Sex?

There are several forms of casual sex. You should know the most popular ones: the one-night stand, having a sex friend, and your typical booty call. The other variations include recreational, or so called “rec sex” and “cereal sex”, which represents a one night stand after a long dry spell. Cereal sex is similar to a cereal that can satisfy you for a moment, but leaves you starving for further meals shortly thereafter. Free casual sex is finding the right person on free casual sex sites that want that one mutual thing, sex.

How Free Casual Sex Helped Me to Become More Self-Confident

Not so long time ago I divorced after a 7-year marriage. Six years of my marriage was sexless. I was out the window, thinking negatively about myself. That was the period when I started to seek a woman who would recover me. One of my close friends suggested me to try free casual dating sites. But it wasn’t an easy job to find a free sex site immediately. There are lots of free casual sex dating sites, most of which are scams. I searched the web and came across adult dating site reviews at, which made it easier to read about the different choices for paid and free sex sites.

Free Casual Sex with Judy

I tried a few different sex sites, including a casual dating free trial offer. My first girl on a free sex site was Judy, who was a 23 year old hot blonde. When I saw her photos, I understood that this cutie is what I’ve been looking for. I took the first step and invited her to a private chat and took the time to flirt. We had a nice chat time, discussing our preferences, likes and dislikes. After online flirting the horny girl was driving to meet me and ready to get laid. Free casual sex sites never give you the inside scoop about how easy it is to have casual sex free.

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The best way to find a fuckbuddy on a free casual sex site is to use a certain delicate etiquette involved every time you meet someone for sex. You should always keep in mind that girls don’t want to be considered slutty and shagable. Be nice to the potential woman you want to have sex with because you may want to keep going back for more. But at the same time don’t let her become emotionally engaged; unless you want to become her boyfriend.

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Benefits of Free Casual Sex

From my personal experience I can recommend you to develop a special more confident attitude with sex dating. I have found myself more confident around women in general. The great thing about free casual dating sites is that if one woman is not interested, then there are 20 more hot woman who want to have sex with me. The funny thing about sex dating is that it has actually built my confidence up even at work. Speaking to women online who I have never met has brought me to be more confident in life all together. I may have a long day at work, but I go home and get one of the free casual dating sites and start chatting with a hot woman.

One of the great benefits of free casual sex dating is that it stands outside the standard relationship’s expectations. In sex dating you don’t have to impress your partner, except in bed. You don’t have to text your fuck friend all day long and bring her flowers. While you can still be shy asking your girlfriend to try a certain position or new technique, you can practice anything with your sex buddies. Just don’t forget to discuss the details in your private chat. Moreover, you can explore all of your sexual fantasies with free casual sex.

Consider free casual sex as a way to increase self-esteem. Believe me – it works.

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