Foreplay may not be that important to you, but it is to her

If you are like most guys, you want to skip all the advertising in the movie and just get to the main event. Not many guys are into foreplay, nor do they understand the importance of it for the woman that they are with. Foreplay is one of the things that a girl is going to remember about your sexual encounter. If you don’t take time getting her turned on, she may not have a favorable memory of your time together. To really make an impression, be that guy who took the steps to do it right. She will remember your attention to fine details and your generosity at considering her needs. There are many reasons to make foreplay part of the experience.


It will help you stay in the game longer
If all you can think about is the happy ending, you will miss all the wonderful stops along the way. If you don’t take the time to ensure that she is pleasured, your chances of making a good impression are nil. If you slow down and take the time to do the things she likes, it will also prolong the experience for you. Not going for it all up front, you will extend the fun and make the ending more worthwhile.


The sex will be better


There is the difference in the quality  of a sexual experience that you have been dreaming about all day, and one that just sprang up on you. When you have time to think about it all day, you get to savor it like a fine wine. That will make it that much more outstanding. The same is true for women. If you take the time to get her really ramped up, her body will be more excited and will feel better for the grand finale. Being lubricated, warm and pulsating before you connect, will make sex that much more sensational in all aspects.


You are never too old to learn
No matter how many women you have been with, there are still things to learn about their bodies and what turns them on. Foreplay allows you to discover hidden erogenous zones and what really drives them crazy. If you take your time and increase the amount of foreplay, you can read her non-verbal cues and body language. That will not only make the sexual experience that you are currently engaging in more enjoyable, it will help you to take knowledge with you for the next sexual experience. When you think about every sex session as a learning one, you will take away more experience to become the best lover possible. Not only will you learn things about women, and about her, you will also most likely learn things about yourself and what your likes and dislikes are.


Foreplay is a tool to make sex more enjoyable, not a hassle that you have to suffer through. If you slow down to smell the flowers, you will make sure not to miss tricks along the way.

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