Find a Fuck Buddy: Its Not That Hard Hard as you think

How to Find a Fuck Buddy Online

Ever since I started this blog, I have continued to receive thousands of emails weekly from desperate men who want to know how to find a fuck buddy or in more subtle words, casual relationship. This subject has become one of the most common question in the subject line of my e-mail messages with: How do I find a fuck buddy? I try the best I can to reply all messages to the best of my abilities but of lately, I am a bit overwhelmed. I am getting a lot of responses from people who have read my posts and who understand my story. I’m picking the most asked question and covering the topic of the Fuck Buddy.

The Fuck Buddy

Okay, if you don’t know where I am, let me just mention it briefly. A few years ago, I was the reject of our class. No woman wanted to associate with me. I have a relatively small body and girls were not throwing themselves at me. Sex wasn’t even apart of my vocabulary and I never knew what a fuck buddy even was. For the most part, I was a very stressed out guy with no sex. I wasn’t happy and needed a life change.
After thinking for a long time, I decided to live a single life. I didn’t even try approaching women. Even if I did, I didn’t know what to say. So again, sex was not in the equation for me.

However, I’m, a guy, I have my weak points, I needed sex. Since it was during the internet boom, I decided to use the internet to find sexy women. I had heard about having a causal relationship or the term, “fuck buddies” from other guys. I signed up on a casual relationship site for sex and I was surprised. I was a little intimidated at first, but after talking to a few sexy women, they made me feel comfortable. They were also looking for what I wanted, a casual relationship, a fuck buddy, and nothing more. So, the first advice I tell people is that finding a fuck buddy is not a very hard thing. Finding a few sexy women for a casual relationships helped to build my confidence.

If I managed to get a sexy woman on an adult dating site, I must admit that any person can find a fuck buddy. As I said, I don’t have the best looking body in the world, but not every women wants a perfect body. I Am just a normal guy that wanted sex and found the easy way to get a fuck buddy. I don’t have any magic tricks, but I can tell you how I became the sex stud I am today.

Find a Fuck Buddy Online with Free Adult Sites

Another main problem that many people don’t seem to address is where to find a fuck buddy online.  They think that they can get the perfect curvy woman on any adult dating websites. The rule is that you have to find the best free adult sites to find the sexy woman you desire for a casual relationship.

The first girl that I got, who I mentioned was from doing the research about free adult sites and paid adult sites. Many sites offer free trials to test them out before you pay. I first started with a free trial and ended up paying for the membership.  Some people have come to me also thinking these sites are scam, but they are real. First I would suggest that you read my adult dating site reviews. They are sites with real women who are looking to find a fuck a buddy. One site I have used is Set For to meet hot girls.


There are many websites which help people find a fuck buddy for free. All a person needs to do is post a good picture and a good profile. Write a few hot girls and they either respond or don’t. Finding a fuck buddy is that easy. The next part that you need to learn is how to flirt with girls once you have one hooked. Chat with women and tell them how hot you think they are. They are looking for sex, so tell them what you have to offer. What makes you worth their time to fuck.

I decided to create this site to help people like you on how to find a fuck buddy free because I don’t believe in the notion that one needs to pay a fee to get a lady. Many people have written to me thanking me for helping them find sex buddies from their local area. I will also continue providing more tips on how to find fuck buddies to help you meet real women who want to be fucked.


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