Female Sex Fantasies Get Her To Open Up For The Best Sex Of Your Life

What Is Her Darkest Sexual Fantasy About?

Throughout history women were assumed to be the follower, not the leader, when it came to sexual intercourse. Over the past decade, changing mores have begun to shift, and women are beginning to feel empowered in the bedroom and beyond. The changing shift is greatly due to the introduction of the internet and the opening lines of communication about sex and sexual thinking. Coming to light is the honesty that female sex fantasies are just as real and prominent in the lives of women as they are in the lives of their male counterparts. The truth is that women engage in female sexual fantasies and enjoy them just as much as the men in their lives.

If you want to know what drives her wild

Women are not as forthcoming when it comes to talk about what they want sexually. Being taught to suppress their sexual wants, they are less talkative or communicative about what turns them on when the lights go out. The good news is that if you can get her to trust you she will open up to you about her female sexual fantasies, allowing you to meet her needs which will make her more willing to meet yours.

What are the common sexual fantasies for women?

There are some top female sexual fantasies which are common themes for women. Finding out which turns your partner can be as simple as asking her. She may not come right out and tell you what she wants, but if you are the one who suggests it, she is more likely to tell you yes or no. Fantasies for women usually revolve around:


Many women like the idea of being the center of attention. It would rightly follow that they like to think about others being a spectator to their sexual activities. That can mean that they like to have sex in public, or it can be as simple as they enjoy letting you watch while they engage in masturbation. There are all spectrums in between. If you start out with something pretty benign and build, you will reach the epitome of what she really wants quickly and bring out her sexual fantasy.

Being overpowered

Many women like the idea of being overpowered during sexual play. The use of props such as handcuffs, or restraints are often involved in the sexual dreams of women. This can be more problematic if it isn’t her style, however. To find out if this is one of her desires you ought to start small and build. Baby steps is a good play if this is going to be your mode of engagement.

The aggressor

Women are taught to be the passive participant in many areas of their lives. It would follow that they dream of being allowed to be the aggressor. Being in control can mean many different things and can be the source of different fantasies. Allowing her to take the reigns can be easy. Suggest to her that she is in control and allow her to call the shots. If you can get her to open up and trust you, the vixen in her will blossom and so will your sex life.

Role play

Many women dream of role play. That can include things such as being someone other than who they are to costumes. It is best to suggest role playing by first playing a role yourself. Going first and initiating role playing will get her to trust that she can be honest with you and tell you what she really wants to turn her on.

The key to finding out what she wants is to be open and communicate often. If you let her know that there is nothing she can do to feel embarrassed, or to look silly, she will open up to you. When that happens you both can have the greatest sexual experiences that fantasies can offer.

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