Did you know that adult swingers divorce less? Studies show that it’s true!

Adult swinging isn’t just wild sex with someone that isn’t your spouse! Doing it right may mean that your marriage is more solid and divorce proof.

The swinger’s lifestyle is one that is usually seen as something strange or deviant. It’s made fun of on TV shows and in movies, and joked about, but what is swinging really all about?

What is adult swinging and why do people do it?

Swinging means to have an open relationship so that even though partners stay married, they engage in sexual relations with people who aren’t their spouse or legal partner. Swingers normally see these relations as a type of social activity or a kind of casual fun where they can try out different types of sexual experiences.

Adult swingers believe that the activity strengthens their marriage and that it makes them more honest than married couples who cheat on each other since both partners know about and agree to the extra marital activities.

Swingers believe that swinging makes their marriages divorce proof

In fact, it’s touted on many swinger’s websites that swingers are actually less likely to get divorced since they are more honest and open. They claim the reasons for this are that the swingers are more flexible, more creative, and more adaptable in their marriages than monogamous couples, especially when it comes to sex.

Since the swinging couple is totally open about having extra marital sex, it does away with the fear of infidelity and breach of communication that happens if a previously monogamous couple has an affair. Some adult swingers say that divorce in the U.S. is mostly due to both spousal infidelity, as well as a lack of good quality sex.

Swingers say that they stay in a marriage because they have bonded with their partner and are very much in love. In reality, they value sex less than monogamous partners, so they have fewer worries concerning how sex works and how they use it in their relationship. They believe it is normal for people to be attracted to others and that being tied down to one person is not natural.

Monogamy is not predominant worldwide

Most people in the Western world come from the cultural experience where monogamy is supposed to be what is normal, but if you take a look at more than 1,500 cultures globally, many of them believe in or at least look the other way when it comes to polygamy, which is where one man has several wives. In fact, many women in those cultures would not like the idea that they couldn’t be a second or third wife of some high status man and were destined to only be able to marry into a relationship where they could only be one spouse. That’s because it would lower their status and they’d rather have a high status then be the single wife of a husband. It is all in how you are raised and the culture you live in what you see as being normal.

For many couples, the swinger’s lifestyle is normal. They gain many benefits from swinging, especially in today’s world where relationships are formed so differently such as meeting up with people via dating websites or through apps like Tinder or OK Cupid, etc. Traditional dating doesn’t really exist in the 21st century and many people like the idea of an open relationship where each partner can get the sexual experiences they need to stay healthy and happy, yet stay committed to love and friendship of the marriage itself.

Swinging adds spice to a marriage

Another reason adult swingers say that swinging helps stave off divorce is that it helps keep their relationship spicy because they can find different partners to fulfill their sexual fantasies and desires. In a monogamous relationship the sex may get stale and one or both partners could be bored, and there is no release so it could cause them to cheat, which ultimately leads to divorce.

Also, despite what some amateur swingers may worry about, swinging couples stay committed to their marriage because one vital clause in a swinging experience is that they aren’t allowed to get emotionally attached to the alternative partner. They can stick to local swingers, or branch out to swinger’s websites and find possible partners all over the world. The world is there for the taking, and that is what keeps things spicy, different and imaginative! Then, the swingers can reconnect and teach each other what they learned from their other partners, so it’s a win win scenario!

Swingers can love in different ways, reconnect afterwards

Plus, both amateur swingers and experienced swingers often end up making close friends with other swinging couples and find they can love more than one person, just love them in different ways because they still love their marriage partner the most. It’s a world that is free of jealousy and each person just wants their spouse to get what they need sexually and then reconnect back to them physically and spiritually.

So, if you and your spouse are considering the swinger’s lifestyle and are amateur swingers, then you may find that your marriage is happier, less stressful, and more rewarding in many ways. And that’s part of the reason that swingers are less likely to divorce than monogamous couples.

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