Brisbane Swingers: Swinging Time Part 2.



Our Introduction to the Brisbane Swingers Lifestyle.

Our first night together of sex between Miguel and Trina and Amanda and ourselves continued as we began our Brisbane swingers adventure as we named that particular vacation afterwards.  Read the beginning part of our initiation here.

Laying back on the bed, both women had our cocks deep inside them and Trina was taking the fullness that my cock was giving her.  She was so warm and tight and her muscles squeezed around me with perfection.  She was lifting up against me to push me in deeper.  She screamed in pleasure and then suddenly came in a perfect squirting splash.  I was getting closer to blow myself but I had to enjoy the pure unadultered slut look on her face as she exploded in spasms around my dick.

I looked over at Miguel with a look that said “Wow!” and he grinned and said “She is not done with you yet, that is just the warm up.”.  Trina indeed was spent from her orgasm but she flipped over and wiggled her ass at me and begged me for some more.  I drew back into her wet hole happily.  And if you are looking for a some fun tonight you need to try a site we found online called Hookup Cloud .

Amanda had been fucking Miguel with the same intensity and as I watched her she flipped him over in one move and began riding him as I heard her guttural cue that she too was about to cum.  She yelled out “Did you enjoy watching my man fuck your wife’s pussy?”  and that’s all it took for him to suddenly pound deep inside her and he exploded inside her.  “Oh, god Patrico, he’s filling me with his cum so much heat!” and then I was done.  I followed suit and let go deep into Trina.  I could not wait to find out what more brisbane swingers fun was coming next.

We all rolled off each other, four of us sprawled across one of the two beds and the lovely ladies were kissing each other contentedly in the after throes of our session.  I lazily stroked up and down Amanda’s leg and Miguel had his eyes closed with a smile playing on his face.


We, in our new role as brisbane swingers, were all so exhausted that in turn we fell asleep with our heartbeats returning to normal.  Sometime later, I was awoken as Amanda and Miguel climbed out of the one bed and got into the other one together.  They began kissing gently and exploring and their passion increased as they built back up to go again.  My cock stirred as I watched her straddle his face and lower her pussy onto his waiting mouth and she bent forward to take his shaft into her mouth.  She fucked his face keeping in time with the strokes of her sucking and I saw her ass twitch in a mini orgasm.  I reached my own cock and began to kept pace softly so as to not disturb their action and I looked over at Trina laying prone and saw that she too was awake and watching.  Her breathing increased and she took her hand and removed mine from my play stick and began to caress up and down, taking slow circles around the head slowly.  I felt under the covers and dug a finger into her crevice and found the sweet spot and matched her circles.  Her ass lifted slightly to allow me to dig deeper under and up into her love hole.  Her pussy began to coat my fingers in sweet wetness.

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I am such a sucker for slick love juice  “Make me cum” she whispered breathlessly.  I obliged and suddenly she shook hard.  I saw that Miguel and Amanda were aware of us awake now and they smiled and continued.  Trina then dove under the covers and went down on my cock taking it fully into her mouth and then rained sweet kisses on just the tip.  She knew what she was doing and knew just how to keep me from going over the edge.  Then when she got enough, she turned back over and told me to tongue her pussy.  I did not need a second invitation and I dove down into that slick cunt with my mouth and she began to grind her hips against me.  She tasted so sweet and her moans were like lubricant to my mission.  She started to whisper over and over, “oh eat me, oh so good, oh god!”  Her wet factor increased and then she hit the big O and silently shuddered against me and damn but I licked it all up. Brisbane swingers do it right and I was doing it all.  She took no recovery time it seemed and just said “I want you inside me now.”  The slut side was such a turn on and I was going to lay her down to straddle her but she said no.  She reached into the dresser and found her purse and pulled out a small bottle of lube.  Holy shit, she was going to let me fuck her ass!

Amanda is a wonderful sex vixen, the best that brisbane swingers around here could ever hope to meet in my humble opinion, but she truly was not that much into anal sex and I loved taking my cock there. so when this beautiful wife of my friend turned around and stuck her ass up at me expectantly I did not hesitate for a second.  I edged my cock up against her behind and felt the love hole.  With a pinch of lube, I massaged her a bit and watched as my tip slid into her.  She gave a gentle gasp and then a larger yelp as the head hit the sphincter.  I paused to give her a moment to relax again and adjust to the six inches already in.  Then I continued and she was into it again.

Amanda and Miguel were watching us, having completed their fucking.  Trina’s ass was super tight on me and I gave her my all.  I increased my pace and then was fucking her hard as she came back against me in time to my stroking. For five minutes, I fucked that ass and increased the depth to the hilt.  She moaned and bit the pillow and I felt her fingers under my balls as she fucked her pussy with her hand.  I smacked her ass as she bounced against me and she screamed in delight as a red mark appeared.

“Uggg aooooh oh my god!” She shuddered deep.  “Fill me up, fill my ass with your hot love!”.  I gave her everything I had in a long deep pound and found her fingers gripping my balls as I fell over the edge and came deep inside her butt.  Huge load of cum rippled out of me and I thought it would not end.  Finally I collapsed and my now deflated cock slipped out of her.  She turned over sleepily then and gave me a kiss. I was out like a light soon after cuddling against her.  Our Brisbane swingers initiation continues.

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