Best Hook Up Sites: Stranger Sex on the Subway.

best hook up sites

Best Hook Up Sites:  Sex on the Subway With A Sexy Stranger.

One year after my husband and I separated I found myself feeling a little lost lonely and in need of some relief so I began browsing through the sex ads online.  I came across a link entitled best hook up sites to find a casual night sex encounter but I’d never done it before so I was nervous.  I half-heartedly clicked through a few ads from these guys utilizing the best hook up site that was advertised as the number one way to get laid with no strings attached.

I was 36 years old, newly abandoned by my husband and struggling to keep my head afloat by working two jobs.  Tall, skinny and blond but with a blow to my self-esteem, I had no other way of getting out there without getting into a relationship when I just needed my itch scratched only and a way to feel sexy for a few hours. My best friend, Cara, was an expert on this stuff though.  Read her latest story  to see what she gets up to.   The best sex hook up site was going to take that need and take care of it well.

The best sex hook up sites usually have a few tips and safety warnings but I was obviously still nervous when a guy contacted me back after I left a hurried message just throwing it out there that I was shopping.  With a few back and forth messages we were in business and I was going to meet him downtown at a local bar known for those who were used to using the best hook up sites to get a fuck night on.  I dressed myself in my sluttiest short dress and coupled it with the best fuck me pumps I owned and then realized I would have to take the train so I added a long black trenchcoat to complete the ensemble.  Only as I gave myself a cursory glance before the leaving the house did I realize that I looked like a hooker.  Never mind that, I told myself, you are going out to fuck a complete stranger anyway.  I did have a passing thought that I may see someone I know but brushed the thought away.  I was single and ready to mingle.. er um fuck.

The train on the red line was an hour ride to downtown so I had plenty of time and I got out my latest sex novel and began to read for the first ten minutes.  A saucy sexy novel that had some of the best sex scenes and I was horny already.  I was sitting in the last row and thought I was sufficiently alone on the near empty car to reach a hand down to play with my so lonely and ready to party clit.  I was discreet though but oh it felt so good.  The best hook up sites said nothing about this sort of behavior but I think they would approve.

A few stops later and I looked up to see the car was completely empty at least until the next stop so I leaned back and lifted my leg onto the seat and stuck my fingers deep into my pussy.  I pulled my top down and singled in on my pointing up nipple and pulled it as I finger fucked myself deep.  I got lost in my pleasure because suddenly I shuddered myself to orgasm once and looked up to see a young good looking hispanic man sitting opposite me and rubbing his crotch, unabashedly, thoroughly enjoying the surprise sex show going on that he had found himself in the middle of.  The best sex hook up site I had been on earlier was promptly forgotten, my date downtown was forgotten as I realized I didn’t have far to go really to get some no strings attached sex apparently.


He saw me watching and hurriedly looked away but I assured him with just a slight adjustment in my position so he could clearly see my fingers up against my sex pushing inside me.  I looked straight at this guy and licked my lips before saying “I could use some help over here. ”  His eyes got wide but I saw his cock twitch in his pants.  He got up and stepped across to me.  I saw the wedding band glint on his hand but he was not stopping then and neither was I.  I lifted my other hand and began to massage his cock through his pants and before I knew it I was easing the button open and his cock peeked up at me.  The swollen bulb on top was already wet with pre-cum.  Well, I was happy already, turned on and ready to fuck and you can be too at Hookup Cloud

My mouth was watering as I leaned forward and took the tip of my tongue and licked that liquid gold from the top of his cock.  His breath began to come quickly as I fully excavated his cock from the pants and wrapped my lips around it and slid the entire length into my throat.  Using my teeth gently, I came up and tickled the shaft and he was nearly ready to blow.  I wasn’t ready for that yet and I abruptly spit out his cock causing him pause to collect his near orgasm.  I grabbed him and kissed him deep then whispered “Fuck me now.” I turned around in the seat and hugged the back wiggling my ass at my new friend.

His cock and himself did not need any further permission and he rammed hard against my pussy and just began to stroke in knowing that he was still to coming.

He grinded against me and his hands encircled me to knead my breasts.  My dress was pulled down to my waist and hiked up high over my hips and I had not even bothered to look lately to see if anyone had gotten on at any stops.  My inhibitions were gone and I was flying high with a strangers cock inside me. The best free hook up sites couldn’t get me laid like this but that fled my mind quickly.

My hands reached back down between my legs to cup his balls slapping against me and there that was the moment.  He screamed to his god in spanish and I was filled with some of the best heat I’d had in a long time.  I was lifted from that and suddenly I burst forth into a shattering orgasm that gripped him deep inside me.

He sat down next to me then as we both collected our breath and we smiled at each other as we straightened our clothes.  We were thankfully still alone as my body gave way to some degree of decorum again.  I knew then though that I wasn’t going downtown at all and I asked in my best spanish if he wanted to come back to my house and truly be introduced to my pussy.  My best spanish was not good enough though because he laughed and answered in perfect english that he would certainly love to.  For where you can find your own sex adventure like this you can check out Hookup Cloud

We got off at the next stop and crossed the platform for a second round on the way back before an all night fuck session at my home and I no longer needed the best hook up websites when I found my latino hottie on the train.  You want an all exciting fuck session and need the best hook up sites you can find them but sometimes you can take matters into your own hands.


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