Beautiful Naked Women Videos: Our Business Opportunity.


 Beautiful Naked Women Videos:  Our  College Business Venture.

College days came and Kaylee and I roomed together after a time in the army together and I continued on in the reserves.   Our fuck stories increased into a thick journal of my experiences entitled “Sexy Beautiful Naked Women” that I plan to publish someday.  I will share them with you all here though now as my secrets are anonymous to just us right? Read my last story now and catch up.

College brought us new experiences of pure debauchery but our wallets were always stretched to their breaking point and debt was piling up leading to credit rating overloads.  Since we were both leaning toward a business program our brains would scrape the barrel to find endeavors to fill in the gaping holes.  Thank god, the internet was now a thing though still in its infancy then.  Our return to porn was inevitable.

Google today ” beautiful naked women videos “ and they are everywhere but back then it was a crap shoot of the best sites that we could earn some income on.  Google was just born in 1998. We wanted to work on cam together to pay for our education and our recreation time too.    Beautiful Sexy Naked women on Cam was one site and was the perfect fit.   Porn videos of “naked beautiful women” that we could dictated our own hours and when we wanted to broadcast.  We already knew we had plenty to show.

Turned on our  private cam and set up a dorm cam and a shower cam and we were set.  We began by setting up our first session and just waited for our first customer.  He came on quickly actually and his payment processed nearly immediately for a private show.  We were in business. Our own makings for beautiful naked women porn.

We both lay back on the bed and seductively posed  to the cam trained on us. Knowing there was someone watching was a turn on to say the least but when Kaylee leaned over and kissed me deeply and took her hand up my thigh trailing slowly my legs parted of their own accord, the instant messenger feature dinged four times in a row.   Our private show was being added by others that wanted to see two naked women beauties in college too.  As our lovemaking began we heard that ding a few more times and responded to  few comments but mostly we got lost in ourselves and we sucked and kissed like we’d done a million times before oblivious of anyone watching but yet aware and heightened by that arousal.


I went home for a weekend to my parents and Kaylee was staying in school to catch up on homework but I got curious to see what the other side of the cam looked like so when I was home alone I looked at the computer and logged in as a customer not a client.

OH my God, she was in a private show and she had told me that she would not do a show without me.  I knew that looking at the dorm cam on the main page did not yield a view of the bed  that we did our private show so I had to go over and pay to watch my own web show that was not staring me and Kaylee.

Up came the image and I stared in amazement as I saw Kaylee and the resident aid for our dorm, Jon, going hard and strong in a fuck show that made my mouth water and my insides turn to jelly.  I knew that she had other lovers but I’d never watched her in action before without me there.  It was a turn on to see my own seductress up there in the world of beautiful naked women on video and get my own inside spy into what she did alone.  If you want to see some of the most beautiful naked women you should take a break and see Hookup Cloud but you need to come back here for me okay?

She stood up on the bed and Jon, a rather plain looking sort of man, knelt sideways onto the cam vision and pulled her knees to his chest, his tongue sought out and sank into her love hole from underneath and it disappeared and came back out as his hands pulled her ass forward to rub against his face.  Her head was thrown back in pleasure and she had her eyes closed in pleasure as he fucked her with his mouth deeply.  She moaned once and then turned and looked directly into the camera as though she was looking straight at me and winked.  Then the unthinkable happened.  The cam moved!  Usually we had it on the tripod positioned to see all the action so I was amazed when it came up close to her and zoomed right in on her pussy and Jon’s face lapping happily away.

My brain slowly cleared as I watched that delirious, delicious sight, and I realized that Jon and Kaylee were not alone and that wink was probably  not been at me but at the operator of the cam.  As Kaylee lay down on the bed a few moment later the camera went back to the viewpoint I knew was the tripod stand and suddenly the most cutest little woman stepped forward into the shot and placed her mouth on Kaylee’s nipple.  She was as naked as the other two.  I did not recognize her but I was so jealous as Kaylee kissed her when she came and watched as Jon lifted her onto all fours and fucked her from behind and the woman got down under so Kaylee could suck her clit hard while being fucked by Jon’s nice sized tool.

Unconsciously my hand was finding its way down to furiously tweak my own clit as I felt wetness seeping in.  I swear when everyone came that I did too and made a mental note that I had to have Jon and this women together with my lover soon whether in a show or not.  I was so turned on.  Maybe you don’t have this to come home to after a weekend away but you can find such shows and videos of beautiful naked women sexy hot for yourself too.  Try out Hookup Cloud

When the private show screen went blank five minutes later, I was so horny and still going when my phone rang.  I answered and Kaylee’s voice like butter came over the line.

“You always use the same log in name on these sites so what did you think, honey?  Did you like my personal wink to you? ”  Oh wow, it was for me!  I didn’t even think that she would see my log in name in the private show since I didn’t type anything but it does come up in the chat window anyway.

We hung up a few moments later after she said she loved me and it was a turn on that I did watch her and she couldn’t wait for the next night when I’d be back in bed with her again where we belonged as naked beautiful sexy women together.


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