Are You Ready To Date A Cougar?

Are You Ready To Date A Cougar?

The old notion of Mrs. Robinson has given way to a new kind of hot. Cougars are women who are older and looking for younger guys to date. There are a variety of reasons that an older woman would want to be with a younger man. So, the question then is why would you want to be with an older woman? There are a ton of reasons that you may want to consider to potentially date a cougar. The best sexual experience of your life is only one.

What is a cougar?

A cougar is a woman who has her shit together, takes good care of herself and can have any man her own age, but chooses a younger man instead. Cougars are women who are looking for the sexual stamina that a young man can provide. There is something that is very sexual about a man in his early 20s and that is what attracts an older woman. Men reach their sexual peak around the age of 18, women don’t reach theirs until their 30s, which makes a cougar relationship the best for both parties. Two individuals in the prime of their sexual life make quite an explosive pair.

What are the reasons to date a cougar?

Their sexual appetite

There are many advantages to dating a cougar. The biggest one is their need and desire for sex. Having an insatiable appetite for sex, they are different from girls your own age. You don’t have to worry about getting them in the mood, you may however, have to worry about keeping up with their energy.

Their experience

Think about all the experiences that she has mostly had before you. All those encounters were a learning tool for her. By the time you come along, she has done much more than you can imagine and decided what she likes and what she doesn’t. She has also discovered what men like and what they don’t. Being able to teach you a thing or two about sex is only one of the greatest things about dating a cougar.

She isn’t afraid to pay

Say goodbye to having to pay for everything. A cougar is a woman who is already well established in her career and isn’t looking for someone to take care of her. She isn’t expecting you to pay for everything, nor does she want you to. She is more concerned with taking care of your needs and making you happy so you will reciprocate.

Not so much work

The way to meet a cougar is even different. You don’t’ have to sit around in a bar feeding her drinks hoping for a little of her time. A cougar will not mind if you approach her and isn’t into playing games. She isn’t going to play hard to get, or make you beg, she wants you just as much as you do her. It is a much more level playing field.

The best part about going on a date with a cougar is that she isn’t afraid of what you will think of her the day after. If she likes you and you are getting along, she will have no problem ending the date with a grand finale. Much less concerned about what people think of her, or primarily if you will call her again, she just wants to live life to the fullest.


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