American Tourist Learns Local Sex Lingo: A quick lesson in “dogging” Brisbane.



Dogging Brisbane:  An American Tourist Gets A Hand’s On Lingo Lesson.


Preeti is an Indian-American girl that lived a sheltered life until she was 18, when her well off parents decided to allow her a graduation trip to Australia for some cultural education, but instead she learned local lingo and a lot about dogging brisbane culture from a random man in a pub.  She was telling her best friend home in a letter about what dogging brisbane is all about and well it’s quite spicy.

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Pretti grew up at home always protected by her doctor father and he monitored closely any boy that even glanced her way but still she had managed a few sleepovers with “girlfriends” that were really boys she snuck out to see.  She engaged in many groping sessions but had never gone all the way until she landed on foreign shores after she was done with high school and took on an adventure.

Dear Rachelle,

Omg, girl!  Austrailia is the greatest place ever and the people are super nice.  There are actually a lot of Indian people here that come from the home country to live and I’ve been welcomed into a small community of young men and women here that sort of adopted me and look out for me to protect me.  Which is all fine and good but I got that at home with Daddy and I dodge them sometimes and sneak into a pub I found nearby.  I met someone! His name is Gordon and he’s British actually living here in Brisbane.  We had sex!!  I can’t wait to tell you on the phone.  But wait, there is more!  He taught me something that you have to hear!  There is a culture of utter sex fiends here that have a certain club called Dogging Brisbane.  I’ve been to the museums here and I’ve been exploring but I never heard the word dogging ever before.  I thought it was a canine club!  oh no!  Okay, lingo speak dogging means a form of public sex or near public places with the hopes of being seen and practically ensuring that you will be.  Well I will just have to call you to tell you next week because Gordon took me out and wow, what a rush!  Yes, we were seen.  I’ll write more soon and I will call you next week with EVERY detail.

Pretti put down her pen and began to remember the events of two nights ago. ” Dogging Brisbane” she laughed to herself.  What a name for a club.  Gordon belonged to it and she was heady for his touch each time she saw him now.  She had lost her V card to him the first night she met him so tired of being supressed by her Father’s vigilance.  She had fucked him in her hotel room before her roommate came home and slept tucked up in his arms all night oblivious of her companion later on.

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Her thoughts converged to him telling her about dogging brisbane over cocktails and she was aware of the heat coming up again into her pussy as she remembered he told her that he was often with someone out at the lake campsite and there the club members would share their sex experiences with each other and usually it ended up in an orgy of sorts.  He took his hand under the table and drew closer circles around her bare pussy under her dress nearer and nearer her clit and then impacted it in a sudden possesive jab that almost made her scream in orgasm there in the pub.

That was the point when he said “Let’s blow this joint and I’ll teach you a little about what Dogging brisbane is all about.”  Preeti could only nod because her thoughts were on her clit being sucked hard at that point and she didn’t really care by whom. He took her out the door and they drove about four miles outside town before he pulled over into a wooded area with a picnic area.  There were a few cars around and he was parked quite close to one.  Pretti looked around in anticipation and also to make sure that there were no kids around because she was really feeling excited now.  She did not know what to expect but knew that at the most she and Gordon were about to have sex here in the car.

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Five minutes later she was laying back in the convertible with the roof top up and Gordon was between her legs eating her sopping wet pussy but there was yet no sign of anyone even being aware at all.  Dogging Brisbane did not seem to have woken up to her exhibitionism here in the car and then suddenly an idea dawned on her.  She climbed forward a little and hit a switch and the roof lowered back exposing her uncovered tits and lifted dress to the night air.  The picnic area was lit enough by lights and she stood up and lifted her dress completely up and off.

Leaning upright up against the windshield, she lifted her leg up to the dash and spread her legs apart.  Gordon took no moment before he was up on his knees and took her quivering pussy into his mouth again.  She was so ready that she came within a moment and shook hard.  She lowered herself down to him and sat astride him and slipped his cock into her wet pussy.  She pressed her breasts to his mouth and looked up as a car pulled in suddenly and stopped right next to them.  She rode up and down on the cock but started to be far more turned on than anything as she noticed the two male passengers in the car staring at her and she pulled up and bent over the window edge and stuck her ass up in the air and told Gordon to fuck her hard doggy style for “dogging brisbane” lovers everywhere.  She gave it all she had and Gordon fucked that pussy harder and harder and when she was near to coming she opened her eyes to see a guy from the car next to her only three feet away stroking a hot long cock that made her mouth water.  She smiled back at Gordon, who winked and she said come here to the stranger.  She leaned right over that window and sucked that guy so good and he was so close that he blew a moment later and Gordon followed as she exploded in white hot heat as well.

Five minutes later, when clothes were settled back into place, Gordon introduced his two friends and said, ” next time it wont be someone I know but what did you think of your first dogging brisbane experience?”

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