Amanda Looses Virginity From Free Hookups Via Her Friend


My Story How Free Hookups Lost My Virginity

Sexual awakenings happen when we grow out of toys and start searching for something our bodies long for before our minds do. Browsing the internet now is easy in a world of free hookups and easy sex to be found everywhere.  However, sometimes we find our first sex experience is far different than what we ever imagined and that was what happened to me with my best friend, Kaylee.

I have picked apart that moment that she said it so many times in my head. “Why don’t we just take each other’s virginity and be done with it?”  I ran the thought around in my head for all of six seconds, but it felt like a million years.  I could not really comprehend of being able to see her like that, but yet the wet feeling between my  legs was spreading like lava, liquid and hot.   She was my friend.  My playmate from pre-teen years and now at eighteen, we had moved past Barbie dolls, had our share of giggling sleepovers.  We’d  talked about boys, looked at free hookups in the late night cable commercials and magazines we laughed over and the big V word.   This was in the time before the internet and our friendship was solid.  We put away our slam books and our trapper-keepers, fought like girls do and made up again.  We made it through everything together and now she wanted this.

We were in the middle of our senior year, and she was laying on my bed, her legs splayed in daisy duke jean shorts and a tank top just reaching her belly button.  Her blue eyes, soft powdery blue, shone bright with the smile on her face and her blond hair, cut short was wavy against my pillow.  I was drawn to that image in those six seconds and could not breathe.

“Earth to Amanda!”  her faraway voice came through my brain fog.


“Are you gonna answer?”

I shook my head.  I was finding it very difficult to speak, not from fear, disgust or a neurological problem, but because all my body functions had seemed to slip down to my sexual response center between my thighs.   Thousands of lurid pictures infested my mind from the porn magazines under Dad’s side of the bed, the same kind that had free hookups and other interesting ads in them,  that I had snuck under to look at several times when home alone.   The girl on girl shots that made me feel weird but struck my imagination so hard that I would put my hand on my clit and push to feel something come loose in my stomach.

She moved.  Suddenly, she was no longer laying back on my pillows, but up on her knees in front of me.   I was unable to move.  I felt I was panting like my dog, Biscuit, when she went into heat.   Kaylee was so sure of herself and I felt ready to black out.   I wanted this more than anything.  I knew it the instant that her hand slipped under my skirt and a finger found my wet panties.  A slow rubbing sensation that I’d only done alone began.  I could only assume somehow that she had done this before because she seemed so sure of herself as she made my insides begin a slow undulating quiver that was building with each circle of her finger.  Just when I thought I was going to cum, she pulled back and smiled at me.  She took her hand and put the finger to her tongue and licked the taste of me.

“Oh you taste so good. I’m going to enjoy the next part so much.”

She took a moment to pull me down next to her on the bed and climbed on top of my stomach.  There I watched in wonder as she pulled off the tank top in a fluid movement that matched my warmth inside and her breasts popped up teasingly near my mouth.  I hesitated a split second and placed my mouth gingerly on the nipple and melted with a feeling that was intensity and heat and lightning all at once wrapped in a lavender smelling package.  I eagerly began to suckle at my friends tit and suddenly forgot that I had never done such a thing, that my only education in sex was from reading about free hookups in naughty forbidden magazines , forgot that she was my childhood playmate, now it was just our bodies and the feelings that Kaylee was awakening in me. Hookup Cloud, ready to play in the minors and on up to the major leagues.

She pulled my head away a moment later and whispered breathlessly that we needed to take all our clothes off and that was done without haste.  Laying back down on me, our naked heat against each other she kissed my neck and stroked my nipple with her hand.  Her kisses rained up my jugular and then she found my lips and her tongue flicked demandingly to open to reach my own.  She licked the tip of my tongue and I groaned.  I savored her flavor as she consumed and teased the inside with strokes that deepened.  Oh yes, I had been kissed by boys but nothing felt like this.  My arms circled her as she kissed me and I found my body raising up to rub against her.  Her kiss intensified as my inhibitions fled.

When she broke the kiss I was already in heaven but she gave me no indication of being nearly done as her little kisses began going down my body.  She lifted my nipple to her mouth and her tongue created heat waves over it until she settled her entire mouth on it.  My body arched upward and my hand began to slowly edge down her body to find her center.  I had to touch and feel that warm mound and when I found the button she stopped sucking and looked into my eyes and sighed with delight, a cat purr that was so primal in nature.

Kisses continued again and she was soon between my legs looking up at me for permission or demand, not sure which because I did not care anymore other than to just reach down and guide the back of her head forward.  Fireworks leapt around the edges of my mind as she flicked over my hot clit and my body shook from that alone.  Her fingers began edging into my pleasure hole as her pace picked up and when I could not take another second, I moaned and sank over the edge as waves of lava burst free covering her hand and she didn’t stop, she lapped it up like it was honey nectar from the gods.  They didn’t tell you that stuff in free hookups sections, they didn’t cover how it felt to experience that intensity.

When she was done  cleaning me up, I knew that I was forever changed, graduated from hurried sessions with free hookups ads to this, and though I was unsure of being able to make her feel as I did, I gave her the best that I had and when the juices flowed from her onto my tongue I knew I had found a drug more powerful than any that I would never get enough of. I knew that I was Hookup Cloud and was opened like a flower to new educations.

That night we spent curled up naked together and played at exploring our bodies together until we fell asleep locked in each other’s arms.  No more was I going back to those magazines under Dad’s bed with their pictures and free hookups tantalizing my senses, I had the real thing in my arms now.   There would certainly be more of the same to cum.



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