Adult Dating Sites: How Easy it is to cheat today

Cheating with adult dating


Technology allows us to accomplish things that were impossible 20 years ago. With the internet we can communicate instantly with someone on the other side of the world, hail a ride with the push of a button, or start a business with little to no startup costs. Technology also allows us to indulge in some of our darker impulses without fear of backlash. It’s now easier than ever to engage in affairs and get away with it.

Tinder: The King of Cheating Apps

An entire industry of apps and websites designed to help you cheat have grown over the past five years. The most popular hookup app remains Tinder, which provides profiles of people in your area who are looking for a good time with no strings attached. Using the app is simple, as you create a profile using your Facebook information, which is never posted on Facebook. The app provides matches according to your location and interests. Review the given profiles and if you’re interested, swipe right. If not, swipe left. When someone you’ve approved swipes right on your profile, then you’re all set to begin messaging. Here you can plan a time and place to meet.

Other Apps That Help You Cheat

Yet Tinder isn’t the only app that will allow you to successfully cheat on your wife. Multiple apps were developed to work in coordination with your smartphone to ensure that your on-the-low hookup stays that way.

The most useful of these apps is perhaps TigerText, originally developed to communicate confidential information like medical procedures and financial information. TigerText works kind of like Mission Impossible in that your text messages self-destruct (or at least disappear) within a time of your choosing. This makes the app the perfect tool to plan out a night of undiscovered sex. TigerText also includes a feature where shaking the phone will erase past messages, like a magician vanishing all evidence.

Another clever tool is Slydial, which enables you to dial direct to someone’s voicemail without the phone ringing. This assures that you can communicate with your secret rendezvous without having to risk a phone call. Vaulty Stocks is a useful app to hide those racy pictures and videos you’ve got kicking around. This app looks exactly like a standard stock market tracking app on the surface. But dig deeper and you find that the app is actually a facade covering your collection of secret memories.

adult dating cheating sex

adult dating sex

Adult Dating

Sure, these apps make sure your indiscretions won’t be discovered, but how do you find a partner in crime? Adult dating provides an easy and safe way to find someone willing to play along with the cheat game.

With adult dating, you’re dealing with other adults who seek a physical relationship without the emotional messiness of full-blown affairs. Many of those registered on sites such as are also married and unfulfilled with their physical relationships. There are no added expectations and it’s understood that the relationship will be low-key.

These sites also ensure that you no longer have to spend time crawling around the bar scene to find a potential mate. By registering for an account and setting up a profile on a site such as, you are able to search the site’s vast database of other adults looking for a purely physical interaction. Far from settling for whatever is available, adult dating allows a user to seek a partner that fits their needs, whether in physical appearance or sexual interest. This makes your cheating experience more rewarding than playing the odds of meeting someone attractive and up for some naughty fun.

By using messenger on adult dating platforms, you can also parse out the other person’s personality and be more assured that you’re not getting with someone who will blow your cover because of jealousy, bitterness, or just plain craziness. You are able to figure out what type of person you’re dealing with before you pull the trigger on your cheating experience. This will prevent you from potential disasters in the future.


Regardless of the method you choose, cheating on your wife is easier than ever in the digital age. There’s no excuse to get caught when you have these technological tools at your disposal. Adult dating sites help you find that right someone on the side, while smartphone apps designed for confidentiality, you can make sure your fling stays hidden. Using these tools carefully will assure that you’ll be able to have fun and keep yourself out of trouble.

man caught cheating

man caught cheating

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