9 Ways Sex Dating Sites Make You Better In Bed

Practice makes perfect. The more experience points you rack up, the more you’ll be a pro at sex. To make the most of your hookups, check out these 9 ways sex dating sites will make you better in bed.

  1. You become more confident.

    When you’re confident in bed, you don’t over-think every move, and you don’t get discouraged if a certain technique doesn’t make her scream. Having more sex helps you pick up new skills that you can rely on every time you get laid. Not only will you feel more confident when you have sex; talking to women will become much easier, and you’ll walk taller knowing you can make any girl wet in under 5 minutes.

  2. You master more fun sex positions.

    There’s no point in memorizing the Kama Sutra front to back if you have never used any of the 64 sex positions in real life. Besides, not all sex positions are satisfying. It’s hard to climax when you’re twisted up like a pretzel. Experimenting is the best way to figure out which positions you’re best at – and which you should never try again.

  3. You become more physically attractive.

    Having more sex will drive you to pay attention to how you look naked. The boost of testosterone that comes with every romp will make it easier to work out at the gym, especially because you’ll have an immediate benefit: looking tight and toned for your next lay. There’s even scientific evidence that having sex helps you grow a longer, thicker beard. Getting laid, to men, is what makeup is to women. It’s essential for keeping up your physical appearance and making you a better sex partner.

  4. You last longer.

    Having more sex with women from sex dating sites makes it easier for you to have enough time to get her off before you cum. You don’t need to think about baseball or curb your own enjoyment to make this happen. More sex lowers your sensitivity so it’s naturally easier to last longer.

  5. You get better at foreplay.
    Everyone knows that the more time you spend on foreplay, the more she’ll crave penetration. But this isn’t always true. Fifteen minutes of great foreplay is much better than an hour of terrible poking and squeezing. Many girls on sex dating sites prefer to stick to oral and fingering, so you can practice finding the fastest ways to get her ready.

    1. You learn to read her body.

    There’s no universal timeline for a great lay. Sometimes she’ll need 15 minutes of foreplay, sometimes she’ll barely need any at all. Not every woman uses her body in the same way to communicate with you, but you can look for these signs: an arched back, a sigh, a gasp, a tremble. She might grab your hair when she’s about to orgasm. If she does, don’t dare change what you’re doing – keep up the rhythm until she explodes.

  6. You learn the language of sex.
    Most women are reluctant to tell you, in plain English, exactly what they need from you. It’s okay to ask questions along the way, but there are also moments where you just need to keep quiet so she can focus on feeling pleasure. Never ask, “Is this okay?” or you’ll risk sounding insecure. Instead, say, “Where do you need to be touched?” or “Should I go harder or softer, faster or slower?”
  7. You get better at transitioning through sex positions.
    When you’re great at sex, you don’t stick to one sex position the entire time. No girl likes to be rammed at the same angle over and over. Switching positions is an art. It can be awkward at first, but over time, you’ll learn to smoothly transition from one position to the next. Be mindful of the way you grab her and turn her around, or swiftly prop her up with a pillow.
  8. You know a nymphomaniac when you see one.
    Women who want your attention act and speak a certain way. But if you never use sex dating sites to hook up with girls who really, really love sex, you’ll find it much harder to identify them in your daily life. It’s not always about how she dresses or where you meet her. Once you notice the subtle “fuck me” glimmer in a woman’s eye, you’ll notice it whether you’re at the club or in church – whether she’s in a bikini or a turtleneck sweater.

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